How to Make Google Adsense Ads Appear In Middle of Posts Fresh Deals Alert

How to Make Google Adsense Ads Appear In Middle of Posts

In fact,  how Google AdSense Ads display on your website/blog speaks volume of your professionalism in terms of blogging, being it below/top and middle of your post.I was seriously surfing the for sneaky trick that will allow me to display Ads in the midst of my post. Fortunately I found one sneaky trick that will do the TRICK and I decided to share with you
Credit to Jide owner of (

==> Get your Adsense ad code from
==> Parse the code at
==> Click on Encode
==> Login to your Blogger dashboard 
==Back up your template 
==> Click on "Template" > "Edit HTML"

==> Use CTRL and F to search your HTML for the code below:


If you can't find it , copy the script above and paste directly above </body> in your blog's html

==> Use CTRL and F to find </body> again and directly above it, 
==> Paste the code highlighted below:

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
 $AdCode = $("#AdCode").html();
 $("#PostBody br:lt(1)").replaceWith($AdCode);

==> Click Save the Template

==> Go back to "Template" > Edit HTML
==> Use CTRL and F to find <data:post.body/> .
==> Replace it with the code below:

<div id="PostBody">
<div id="AdCode">
<div style='margin:5px 0;text-align:center;clear:both;'>
<!-- Paste PARSED Ad Unit Code Here -->

==>Click Save 

Your template might have 2 or more <data:post.body/> codes. Place the code in  2nd or 3rd instance works in most templates though.

==> Go to New Post
==> Click on Options 
==> Select Press Enter for line breaks

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