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Sign Up from Google AdSense Certified Partners for Quick Approval

We, the Bloggers know the significance of google Adsense in generating revenue from our blogs. Many bloggers are either solely dependent on AdSense revenue or it is the major source of their income. However, we all know the kind of hindrances and obstructions a new blogger encounters for being approved by google. In fact it is becoming tougher with passing days due to new filters and criteria added by google, thereby, compelling newbies to end their career in blogging.You can find our trusted partners below along with a brief description of their business and contact details to reach out to them.These Google AdSense partners there to help you new  bloggers to sign up AdSense for quick approval
 You can contact them or visit these websites for details 

                             Acqua Media-Based in Hong Kong

Their expertise is to analyze and increase the unique, scalable, and sustainable monetization potential from each publisher, which results in short and long-term traffic and revenue growth. With over 10 years of experience in managing various web business models, we provide services ranging from ad inventory optimization to effective user acquisition and conversion. Please visit us at, or contact us at

                               AdGurus-Based in Netherlands

AdGurus is the key to unlocking the full potential of your AdSense implementation. By enhancing the way in which the ads complement your website, we deliver massive increases to publisher earnings. Their goal is to understand what makes your website shine and sharpen its strategic edge. They are improving what users love about your site, whilst finding the optimal means of monetization. Over the years, this approach has allowed them to deliver millions of revenue and oodles of customer satisfaction. Contact us at to find out what we can do for you.

                                    Adingo-Based in Japan

adingo is a leading solutions company for monetization of internet media. Adingo enable publishers to maximize their revenue more effectively and efficiently with their proprietary Fluct platform. Fluct serves over 10 billion impressions to 1000+ affiliated media partners on PC and mobile every month. For more information please contact adingo via or check out this website

                                              AdinPlay-Based in Netherlands

AdinPlay provides a range of monetization services to online game developers and publishers. Set up by experts in monetization of gaming traffic, AdinPlay is focused on developing compelling monetization strategies for the gaming vertical. AdinPlay services span across advertising solutions for PC, tablet and mobile games. AdinPlay work together with our clients to maximize advertising revenues without compromising user retention and even enriching the gaming experience by advertisement. Please contact adingoPlayvia email ( or visit AdinPlay website for more information.

                            ADOP-Based in South Korea

ADOP consults publishers on how to optimize their AdSense accounts. ADOP offer a wide range of services which includes Content Management, Content Distribution, Ad Optimization and SEO. For more information, please visit ADOP website or contact ADOP at

                                        Ads Interactive-Based in Hungary, Romania

Ads Interactive Media Group is a leading European sales technology optimizer and online sales house. We manage the inventory and sales resources of agencies and direct clients based across Hungary and Romania. Ads offer unique and personalised solutions and sales technology support to manage your inventory and help you get the highest ROI. Contact Ads via email at or visit Ads website for more information.

                         Axura-Based in Italy

Axura is a full service web development agency with more than 10 years experience helping local and international customers making their best from their online presence: Axura is also editors of a successful high traffic website, which makes Axura fully confident with all the caveats and recommendations of revenue optimization. Find out more about how Axura can help your business grow visiting or writing to axura at

                      Bramerz-Based in Pakistan

Bramerz is a full service digital agency that since 2006 has worked with international brands including Dell, Intel, Samsung, Telenor, Nestle, Unilever, McDonald's, Domino's and many others. Among other services, our product Publishrr, a proprietary online publishing platform for high traffic portals, has been instrumental in building and monetizing web traffic for some of the leading local newspapers, magazines and television channels. Bramerz provides a complete one-stop-solution from website development and maintenance to monetization and optimization. If you want to learn more on how bramerz can build your digital property, contact us at or visit

                                C-Point-Based in Japan

C-Point is a web service developer who focuses on creating innovative web services. C-Point are experts in life-changing location-based web services and focus on helping our clients grow their audience to contribute regional vitalization. For more information please visit C-Point website or contact C-Pointvia e-mail at

Click Performance-Based in Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, United States

For more than six years, we have successfully implemented AdSense optimization strategies that have led to a substantial increase in revenue. This gives Click performance  the confidence to offer our clients a completely commission-based approach with literally zero up-front spend. If you publish content, ads or classifieds, job listings or run a blog, Click Performance Group can help maximize your revenue. Please contact us at or check clickperformance website click-performance.comfor further information.

                                       Cyber Media-Based in India

CyberMedia is one of the largest specialty media houses in South Asia. The group's Media business includes 12 media brands, like Dataquest, PCQuest,, Voice&Data, Global Services, DQ Channels, DQ Week and Dare. Cyber Media offers content and publishing services to engage buyers across multiple platforms. Cyber media also offer a whole array of solutions aimed at the digital arena including AdSense Consulting, Social Media Marketing services, SEO and Web Development solutions. Please visit for more details or contact

                                       Elaboration-Based in Australia

Elaboration provides monetisation and optimisation services for advertisers and publishers, specialising in custom solutions. Elaboration have experience across the full range of marketing systems having worked with many clients across the Australian and New Zealand region, and have the knowledge to implement, optimise and ensure the best return from your AdSense and DFP installation. Find out more at or email Elaboration at

                                           Firebots-Based in France

Firebots is a marketing technology company focused on monetization and performance on desktop and mobile platforms. Firebots provides consulting services that lead to immediate growth of AdSense revenues without hurting other revenue channels. If we don't succeed, there is no fee, it's your guarantee of our work. Feel free to say hi on and talk to firebots about your new lines of monetization and their optimizations, or check firebots website Firebots think tactical, you get the money!

                                        FourM-Based in Japan

FourM is formed by a group of highly skilled consultants who focus on creating high-value online media campaigns. FourM can provide you with consultation services on how to develop your audience and increase your earnings so you can maximize the value of your website. You can contact us via email at or visit our website for more information.

                                         Geniee-Based in Japan

Geniee is a consulting company that helps online publishers maximize their advertising revenue since 2011. To help our publishers stay compliant, we've developed a content verification system that disallows serving ads in pages that violate the AdSense program policies. If you are interested in our consulting services about policy and optimization, please contact Geniee or visit Geniee website

                             i-Search-Based in Taiwan

With more than 6 years of experience, iSearch aims to provide professional and optimization advice to web publishers.  i-Search focus on monetization strategies in order to help publishers increase their earnings with Google AdSense. Please contact i-Search via or visit for more information.

                                    Kauli-Based in Japan

Kauli provides revenue maximization services with an original adserving platform developed in-house. Our consultants propose Google AdSense optimization and revenue maximization for desktop and mobile site and our clients range from corporate publishers to bloggers. For more information please contact kauli via e-mail at or visit kauli website

                                              Kiero-Based in Czech Republic

Kiero focus on services in on-line advertising, media development advisory, public relations and SEO. The AdSense optimization advisory team is run by experts with several years of online experience.  Kiero is glad to work on success fee principles to eliminate risk for our clients. Kiero is based in Prague, Czech Republic, Central Europe, so we can easily serve this part of the world. Please contact Kiero  via website or by email

                         Maidigi Solutions-Based in Japan

Maidigi Solutions supports newspaper companies and online publishers to incerase advertising revenue and grow their audience. We help you grow your “owned media” by utilizing maidigi solutions broad connections in the industry. Maidigi Solutions have vast experience in managing major news, entertainment and video news websites. Please contact us via or visit  Maidigi Solutions

                                                      Maxad-Based in Turkey

Maxad maximizes your online inventory by providing solutions to increase your Google AdSense revenue. Maxad experts in news sites, online gaming, video portals, blogs and legal sites. Maxad team of optimization specialists is based in Istanbul, Turkey. To find out more about how maxad can help you increase your earnings and grow your online business, or contact Maxad at

                                               Mediba-Based in Japan

Mediba has been on the mobile ad business more than 13 years. Mediba propose the best solution for publishers among the many solutions, ike DFP small business and our own service "AdGeneration" and more. Mediba support your mobile web business from advising contents development, pulling users to your web and ad monetizing operation. Mediba also care about needs of users and advertisers to help publishers satisfy them.Please contact Mediba  at and visit Mediba to discover the various benefits mediba can offer you.

                                 Monetize Me-Based in France, United States

Monetize me goal is to optimize and maximize publishers’ revenue and monitize me consider Google AdSense one of the best monetization solutions available.Monetize me aim to find the best possible integrations for ads on your website and to create added value for the user and for your company. Find out more on Monetize website or contact Monetize me at

                                      MSO DIGITAL-Based in Germany

Since the last 8 years, MSO Digital has offered customized solutions and marketing strategies for all kinds of online platforms. In order to maximize AdSense revenue and deliver the highest quality, we build unique AdSense solutions and also work with AdMob, DoubleClick for Publishers, and Doubleclick AdExchange. Whether desktop, mobile or tablet, MSO Digital optimize your AdSense revenue with a success-oriented model. Want further information or a quote? Please visit www.mso-digital.deor contact mso digital at

                                           OKO-Based in United Kingdom

Earn more from your website by having OKO Digital manage your ad inventory. OKO  have expertise in all areas of website development, management and marketing and have been applying those skills to AdSense optimisation since the program was first launched in 2003. If you would like to learn how we can help you generate more revenue from your existing web traffic email or visit oko at

                                                Readwhere -Based in India

Readwhere is India's leading e-Publications & Mobile Publishing platform. Readwhere enable publishers to digitize their print content and monetize the same across web, mobile and tablets. Readwhere offers effective monetisation services to print, digital, gaming & video content publishers using AdSense for revenue growth which is a definite add-on to your existing revenues. Contact Readwhere at or check for more.

                                  Sales Frontier-Based in Taiwan

Sales Frontier is a desktop and mobile website performance consultancy, specialising in Google AdSense and the other networks. Sales frontier focus on creating flexible ideas and increased synergies between analytic tools and websites. Please contact  Sales frontier at, or visit  Sales frontier website

                                   Sem, Seo y Mas-Based in Spain

Sem Seo Y Más is a company specialized in monetization of websites for clients and for sem,seo y mas own sites, among other products and services. sem,seo y mas are experts to find opportunities and potential for improvements to help you to maximize your revenues through advertising. For more info, please contact sem,seo y mas at or visit our website

                             Total Media-Based in United Kingdom

Total Media is a leading, independently-owned media agency in the UK, specialising in launch and growth strategies. Established in 1982, the agency offers the complete range of UK and international media services including all forms of media planning and buying, digital strategy and delivery, PPC and SEO, social media, strategic development, market research, data capture and analysis and advertising print production. Contact total mediate at or visit

                                  Traffective-Based in Germany

Traffective aim is to enable long term maximization of publishers’ revenue through individualized strategies and optimization tools. We have built successful business cases for all sorts of publishers and we believe that a publisher’s website is as unique as their AdSense implementation. Since 2009, our performance marketing team has gained experience in digital marketing for advertisers and publishers and we’d be happy to build a strong partnership with you as well. Please contact Traffective  at anytime or visit

                                    UNIFOX-Based in Bangladesh

Unifox was founded in Bangladesh in 2013 with the idea to offer solutions so that online marketing operations, enterprise solutions and mobile and web application projects could be handled by one single group of experts. Managing monetization of online inventory can be challenging and time-consuming for publishers in emerging markets. Unifox combine monetization knowledge with website expertise to help you maximize your growth and build a more profitable business. Find out more at or contact Unifox at

                                               WeeGooEvo ADS- Based in Romania

Managing monetization of your online inventory can be challenging and time-consuming. WeeGooEvo ADS are here to help publishers maximise growth through tailored optimisation solutions. Combining monetization expertise with your website expertise, together WeeGooEve ADS can build a more profitable business. Find out more at or check out WeeGooEve ADS website

                                                     WOSO-Based in China

WOSO is a company specialized in website monetization and optimization. With more than 5 years of experience, we provide professional and customized solutions to help websites improve their earnings and performance. Woso solutions include AdSense performance optimization, policy monitoring and consults, SEO and yield management. Please contact us directly via email or visit our website for more information.

                                      Youlamedia-Based in Russia

Youlamedia can help you unleash the full potential of your AdSense earnings. Our proprietary BrandSafe platform uses automated optimization technologies help you earn more with your existing website by choosing the most relevant and best-paying ads targeted to your audience. Our experienced experts will work with you personally to help you optimize your ad blocks, maximizing advertising revenue without affecting your site’s usability. Youlamedia has years of experience connecting publishers and advertisers. Contact us at or visit to find out how brandsafe can help you increase your earnings.

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