How to Manually Change Network Setting from Edge to 3G on your Phone Fresh Deals Alert

How to Manually Change Network Setting from Edge to 3G on your Phone

After the publication about how to change network setting from edge  to 3G,3.5G and 3.7G on the modem. This blog reader called to find out how he could change the network on the phone rmanually/automatically. Having the 3G on your phone ensre that you achieve high internet speed. Imagine having data of 200 kbit/s what you can't you do online. 


1. Take your phone and scrow to setting
2. Click on network and mobile network
3. Click on high speed connection/WCDMA/GSM prefered
4. Select 2G or 3G
Go to selection of network
Choose Automatic
  Mind you make sure you are in 2G, 3G,3.5G and 3.7G zone

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