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How I Created Business Opportunities for Myself

Stop and don't complain any more,and think! This is what a friend told me. I was complaining  that I can't get basic things( like take way polythene and dead papers) to buy after I combed all the recketic stores. I never understood him all along till I put my mind into thinking. I am going to share with very good business but you might see it as not good enough.
Let me teach you how you could create opportunities for your in the midst of all these unemployment menace. Reasons why Jobs are available in some countries is that many people solve problems of societies and earn cash out of it.
I have identify two problems of our societies and needs your solution

(1)  Be  a supplier of disposal polythene ( popularly called TAKE AWAY AND RELATED PRODUCTS).
                                    How do I  Identify the Consumers
This product is use by every household in your community is't it? Answer it yourselves
==>Visit every shop in your area
==>Tell the manager that you want to supply him/her  this products
==> Find out how much does cost from her suppliers
==> Reduce the price of what you are to supply although profit margin wouldn't be huge but accept that initially.
                                     Where Do I Get this Product at Whole Price
If you are in Ashanti region go to Roman hill and for Elder polythene shop. It is adjacent Mosque

 (2) Be a supplier of foreign paper. Follow the procedure above.

You don't have to get huge amount to start. You can start with GHC 100.00
                     If you have problem don't hesitate to contact me
+233 246 45 66 67
Skype ID: victor.kutufam

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