Beware! SRT4960 HD is Not A Strong Product Fresh Deals Alert

Beware! SRT4960 HD is Not A Strong Product

FAKE products are an outright infringement on a company’s intellectual property rights, potentially hazardous as a product of cheap build and poor quality, obviously, not covered by a company’s warranty against,defects in workmanship,a source of legal trouble for those tempted by reselling it, an ultimate source of financial losses to those who handle it. That what STRONG TECHNOLOGIES said. FAKE SRT 4960 HD is a  product not from strong technologies,is of very poor build quality, with a short life expectancy, incompatible with GENUINE STRONG software,
with,resulting valuable functions and features loss, such as:
- the FREE daily newspaper delivery service
- the full use of the Remote Control Handset
- Internet connectivity (no Wi-Fi & 3G capabilities)
Beware of becoming victim to unscrupulous resellers peddling SRT 4960 HD

SRT 4960 HD has:
 - no Lan Port
 - no Card Slot
 4960 HD = FAKE
SRT 4960 HD
Please help strong technlogies by reporting Non-Genuine Product:
 Below is screen shop of fake product

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