How to Report and Determine the Originality of Strong Decoders Fresh Deals Alert

How to Report and Determine the Originality of Strong Decoders

I must commend MultiTV and Strong technologies for introducing free radios and TV channels into homes of those of us who can't afford DSTV. Just recently I made a post about fake SRT 4960 strong decoder. I am going to share  with you, how you could determine and report to strong technologies fake strong decoder for action to be taken.

In fact it is very difficult to easily determine strong decoders being original or fake by just reading the inscription on the pack. The packs are similar so strong technologies team can determine whether a product is fake or not.
                             What Do I Do Now
1. Visit strong technologies
2. Use the information on the receipt you were given when you purchased the decoder
3. Click submit


Consumer Name

Consumer Phone

Consumer Email

Consumer Address

Receiver Model Number

Receivern Serial Number


Dealer Name

Dealer Phone

Dealer Email

Dealer Address

Enter Result in the Box


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