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How to Track Lost Android Phone/Tablet With Android Device Manager

Android phones come with GPS navigation which is phone locator and  works well with Google Maps. Antivirus software such as  Avast and Netqin have anti-theft options that uses the GPS function to locate any lost or stolen phone and even control the phone’s actions.
The location of your Android device will appear automatically on the map, along with the name of the place, when it was last used, and when it was last located. You can zoom in and out of the map to check out the location
Android Device Manager is a Google’s official and easy-to-use tool to track your Android phone or tablet.    You can use it to:
● Reset your device’s screen lock PIN
● Erase all data on the phone
● Locate Android devices associated with your Google account
To be able to use it to locate your Android device, you must first activate the service on your device and also turn on location access for Google services.

      How to Activate Android Device Manager

In order to see if ADM is ready for your handset , 
==> Settings 
==> Security 
==>Device Administrators
==>Tick the check box 
==> click the activate button.
            To turn on location services for Google services.
 ==> Settings
==> Location Settings. Turn it on.

    Using The ADM To Locate Android Phones

1. To use Android Device Manager, go to  
2. log in with the Google account associated with your Android device. 
3. Click on the “Accept” button to continue.
                               Trucking without your devices
==>Download  Android Device Manager app.  
==>Install it on a friend’s android phone 
==>Sign in using the guest mode and your Google account credentials. 
let it ring or wipe its data.
Are you not able to locate your phone this way? Then your device is simply not connected to the internet or turned off.

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