How to Activate/Reactivate your E-payslip-Controller Directive The latest in technology news and trends "

How to Activate/Reactivate your E-payslip-Controller Directive

In order for accountant and controller general to ensure that it's clients( public workers ) e-payslip security is enhanced, every public worker must reactivate their e-payslip account. Reactivation of  your e-payslip tells controller that you are not a ghost so your monthly salary should continue coming. Please don't joke with it else you be your name will be deleted.Below is new 2015 enhanced security activation process.

For existing user
1. Enter your mobile number
2. Click on generate activation code. A small window will pop up asking you to confirm it. Click on ok. You get the code on your phone.
3. Enter activation code
4. Click on activate

   If you enter wrong mobile number
==> Enter new mobile number
==>Click on generate activation code
==> Enter activation code

==>Click on activate

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