How to Chat on WhatApp From Desktop/Laptop-No Hacking Fresh Deals Alert

How to Chat on WhatApp From Desktop/Laptop-No Hacking

Excellent news for those of us who  always resort to hacking to get WhatsApp on our Desktop/Laptop  WhatsApp for Web is available for users to get WhatsApp on any computer from their web-browser. WhatsApp for Web allows users to simultaneously access their WhatsApp account from phone, tablet, Desktop or laptop.
Currently, WhatsApp on the web is accessible on Android, BlackBerry, Nokia and Windows phones, but Apple iOS users cannot use the new feature  Simply follow the steps shared below to get WhatsApp Web activated for your account
  1. Visit whatApp in Google Chrome web-browser on your PC/MAC/Linux computer.  A QR code will be shown.
  2. Click on the three dots Settings option located at the top right, 
  3. Choose WhatsApp Web option. You will now be asked to scan the QR code generated in Step 1 above,
  4.  Click OK, GOT IT and scan the code for instant activation.
  5. WhatsApp Web users can view and download WhatsApp images and videos on their computer as well as upload images directly from their computer or connected webcam.
Note: Other browsers are now supported as of now.
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