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Reasons Why You Can’t Start Something/ Blogging and Make Money

When I started blogging back in 2010, I was not sure what will I achieve with this blog; as it was only for my passion. In past 5 years, I have met numerous people online and offline who are somehow related to blogging or want to start blogging. Recently I had an Email from someone who said he has been thinking to start blogging for almost an year, but he couldn't start. He is in urgent need of money, and now he wants to learn blogging. Sounds like your own story?

Let me give you reality check with this article:
The most common reason majority of people wants to blog is because of passion or fame or money. I often get emails from people saying that they want to be a blogger but they are in some situation that they can’t blog. Most of  the messages or mail which I get started like this:
  • I want to start a blog but..
  • I have a great idea which I want to work upon but..
  • I’m working online from years and had few websites which failed. Now I want to start a blog but..
If you have ever felt the same way at any point of your life then continue; as I’m going to tell you one honest truth which might change the way you are looking at how to reach your goal of creating a successful blog. It doesn't matter what fascinates you to start blogging or working online, be it money; be it fame or be it concept you want to share. The fact is that, you are still one of those who is thinking that I want to do it and one day I will do it. You are one of those who is waiting for the perfection from long, and you can’t start because you find it hard to start without being perfect.
Now continue reading to know the reality since I was once in your shoes, and I knew what to do to get out of this loop.

                                      Let kill the but......"

“If and but” is nothing more than an excuse. It’s an excuse to ourselves and an excuse to people around us to tell them I have big dreams but I can’t do it because of some random problem. 
        Now ask yourself this one thing; “have you seen anyone without a problem?”.
Be it family, be it financial or be it personal. Problems are part of the life and there are people who make excuses and there are others who knows that this is just a phase which will pass. The later one are the one who makes impossible thing possible, because they believe in one thing and that is “Hard work pays off“. All the successful people you can think of right now or know of; they are not successful because they were lucky, they are successful because they didn't give up when everybody else did.
                         Technology is a limitation
Another segment of people who knows everything about blogging but they couldn't start because they feel they are not technically equipped. Creating CNAME record for your  blog domain and managing it seems like a task and it’s hard to tackle all the tech part. You are not wrong with your thoughts, because managing your own server, taking care of  blog is not easy but do you know one thing; there are 60 year old people who have a self hosted blog and they are managing it like it was never a challenge. Till the time you won’t start with something, it will always be tough and if you won’t take action now it will remain impossible.
Getting back to handling self hosted WordPress blog, you are lucky to see the era where everything is available online, and people are so social that they feel happy when they help someone. Do remember, one can help you only when you want to help yourself.

                          You don’t know SEO or how to monetise blog:
Another most common reason I have heard from talented people is that they don’t know SEO and they can’t drive traffic. Or, they can’t make money from blogging like everyone else is doing. You are not wrong if you think like this, but you are wrong because you are comparing with others without walking in their shoes. Driving traffic and earning money from blog is easy only when you have done and passed through the initial stage of struggle and learning. You fail because you want to be perfect without learning from your mistakes. (See point one)

                            I have a job and I don’t have enough time:

no time
Another category of future bloggers fall in this category, as they think that they have the skills but they can’t blog because they have full-time job. Once they are home, they are so sucked up that they don’t have enough time to blog. If you are in this category, let me tell you one story.
I am a teacher and work from 7 A.M. to 4P.M., and I managed to create a blog that you are reading now. I did it because I accepted that I have limited time and what ever time I got, I have to learn and write. I had no one to tell the excuse of not having time, because I would be lying to myself.
One thing which you should know about entrepreneurship or Solo entrepreneurship is; first few years might not be a jolly ride but once you work beyond your own limit, you will reach the place no one has ever imagined.
So far I have given you enough reasons to show you the mirror and told you the reasons that you can’t money from blogging, and my intention here is not to discourage you. Blogging is just one of the many ways to make money online; and you can always earn enough from CPA marketing, Services, Affiliate marketing or many other form of online marketing. The only reason I recommend blogging is because it’s a consistent source of earning and it teaches you discipline. If you are one of those who is not in the race of earning money in short time, and looking to earn money, get fame and name for yourself blogging is for you

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