How to Use your Expensive Smartphone to Earn Dollars (UK,US and Austrian sites) Fresh Deals Alert

How to Use your Expensive Smartphone to Earn Dollars (UK,US and Austrian sites)

Drop that Yam is an advert running every day on our airwaves by very renounced communication net in Ghana, which seeks to down play the quality of type of phone in our country.It is very good to own very very good phone not expensive phone. Don't just follow now and  upcoming apps blindly but make sure your smartphone can help you earn decent dollars/cedis online and offline. I am writing this post in response to a friend and those who think like him,"Oh My friend are not on WhatApp or Instagram-NO- then you are Colo" but he is earning nothing  from his expensive phone . I am going to share with you how you can use your so-called expensive and original smartphone to earn dollars whenever you share videos and images (pictures)

My friend below are websites where you can upload videos and images for cool dollars
1. Upload your videos and images for cash
2.Upload videos only for dollar
3. Upload video at Dailymotion
4.Upload your video at blip
If you work hard enough it can earn you more dollars which can buy more original latest phones

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