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How to Use your Smartphone to Detect Spy Hidden Pen Camera in a Room

As technology advances, privacy is no more. So, it's of no  news that hidden cameras are planted in most places. I am writing this post purposely for lovely ladies since they've victims  of nudity online.If you frequent  hotel rooms, trial rooms, changing rooms etc,  the chance of you getting spied by a hidden camera is very high.  I've decided to share with you, how to detect a hidden camera with smart phone and camera detectors. 


How To Detect Hidden Camera With Mobile Phone

1. When you get into the room, switch off the lights and close all the curtains. 
2.Put on the phone camera but do not turn the flash light on. 
3.Move round the room with your cell phone. 
4.When tiny red or green LED light is found, that means that a hidden microphone or camera is installed. If no LED light, the room is OK.

1. Make  a call on your cell phone, then wave the device around where you think there might be a hidden camera or microphone. If you can hear a clicking noise on the call, it means your phone might be interfering with an electromagnetic field. 

If you can’t make a call there is a chance of a hidden camera too. The scientific explanation behind this phenomena is “interference of fiber optic cable during the signal transfer”. 

3. Launch the flashlight of your smartphone and carefully examine books, clocks, air purifiers, lamps etc. If you notice any pinhole-sized holes, you might have a hidden camera in the room. 

                                                   How to detect hidden camera behind mirror

Launch the flashlight of your smartphone and shine it directly onto a wall mounted mirror. Take the flashlight and move it progressively closer to the mirror until it touches the mirror. If you can see through the mirror, or notice the light shining through it, you have a one-way mirror, and possibly a hidden camera behind it. A mirror should always reflect light, not allow the light to penetrate through it. 

                                                  Using Hidden Camera Detectors

Alternatively, you can buy hidden camera detectors. That's much better than searching for minuscule cameras hidden somewhere among the hundred possible places in the room. These portable devices are of different types, small and simple to use. 

You can hold one of them up to your eye, and look around the room. When it finds a camera, you'll see the light reflection from the cameras LED. Another one vibrates when you're close in close vicinity to a hidden camera. Others give off flashing lights or beeping sounds when you sweep specific objects that contain hidden cameras.

If you need spy hidden pen camera or hidden camera detector, I can import one for you.
NOTE: Spy hidden pen camera is good for CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION DEPARTMENT ( CID)

                                   BELOW IS SCREEN SHOT SPY HIDDEN PEN CAMERA


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