How you Can Safely Pick Money from Someone's Pocket--Legally Fresh Deals Alert

How you Can Safely Pick Money from Someone's Pocket--Legally

In fact, I must let you know  that if you don't develop your dream someone will hire you at less to develop his/ her's. Do you also know that your money is in someone's pocket.  It is up to you find ways of deepen your hand and take it-not foul means ooo. I always try my best to use this platform to introduce new business opportunities ideas. I have been receiving calls and emails from serious people like you after publication of 101 cheap importation  want us to have one-on-one training and some come from as far as Accra for training. Man it worth coming for one-on-one training/online training. Let come back today's topic, I want to introduce you to new business in town that will cost you only GHS 9 and make 200% profit, you don't believe it!!! It is very true I wouldn't deceive you. How
   MTN Ghana has promotion called SMS bundles which offer 900 SMS to client at cost of GHS 9 and Ghanaians we are accepting text messaging as one of the means of communication.  I am going to teach you how you can use these SMS's  to earn a living in Ghana.
 What are the requirements
1. Get MTN sim card if  don't have
2. GHS 9
                            How Do I Get Involved

==> Visit any corporate in Ghana ( Schools, banks, Church ete) and introduce your. For example most schools send SMS to parents for PTA meeting, academic performance by students to parent etc
Banks also send SMS to client for account alert. Churches also send SMS to members on daily church meeting
==> Let them why the institution should spend on your services. Let me give a guide
                          I will use church as sample
A church with membership of 500 want to pass on information to the members through phone  call at cost of GHp 50 per call.
0.50 X 500 =  GHS250
You can convince the executives that you send bulk SMS to 500 members at once. You will charge 0.30 per member.
0.30 x 500= GHS 150
Every business minded person will hire your services.

Imagine that you are able to convince only five churches in your area every week. I assure you that your bank account bust.

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