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How to Check Whether your site is Approved for Matched content

Google Matched content,is  a free content recommendation tool for AdSense publishers that promotes your content to your site visitors. Matched content generates contextually relevant and personalized article recommendations from the pages on your website.With Matched content, your visitors can:discover relevant articles on your site,spend more time on your pages and engage more with your content.

This new feature can help you increase your site's page views and ad impressions, and could increase your ad revenue by making it easy for your visitors to find your content. In this post will share with how to check whether your site is approved for for matched content. You don't need to apply but comes automatic. 

To be eligible for Matched content, your site must first meet our minimum requirements for traffic volume and number of unique pages. You can find out if your site has been approved for Matched content by checking the "Site management" section in your AdSense account.

               To check the approval status of your site:
==> Sign in to your AdSense account.
==>Click the gear icon  and select Settings.
==>In the sidebar, under “Account”, click Site management.
==>Under the "Owned" tab, check the table for a "Matched content" column:
If you can't see the "Matched content" column, your site has not been approved yet.
If you can see the "Matched content" column, check the status of each of your sites in the table. You can place Matched content units on any of the pages of your sites marked as "Approved".
    Site approved for Matched content

    If your site is not listed in your owned site list
If you can't see your site listed under the "Owned" tab, you will need to either claim it (if you're currently serving ads on the site) or add it (if you're not currently serving ads on the site).
Once you've added your site to the owned list, you'll need to wait for us to check the eligibility of your site for Matched content. This usually happens within 1-2 days. If your site is approved, you'll see the status of your site updated to "Approved" in the "Matched content" column of your site list.
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