How to Watch Adult Channels on SRT 4950H Strong Decoder Fresh Deals Alert

How to Watch Adult Channels on SRT 4950H Strong Decoder

In fact there are thousand of thousands channels on strong decoders which have been hidden from usersA common question that has been occurring, my blog readers always ask, how to watch adult channels (porn), All these and others channel are there for you watch. I have laid my hand on code to unlock all these channels.
 I shall be talking specifically about strong decoder SRT4950H which supports this code, You should not be limited to the list of decoders mentioned here  Tried this codes on any other strong decoder in your possession. 

1. Modem with high internet connectivity/speed
2. Remote control device
                               How ?

==> Insert your modem in the USB slot
==> Press menu on your remote control
==> Scroll to expansion
## if you haven't setup your internet visit this link how to Browse on Strong Decoder SRT 4950H
==> Select PTV
==> Press okay
==> Scroll to G-VOD
Under categories 
==> Select Adult
==> Select REDTUBE
==> Enter 4 zeros (0000) in the password form
I have imported Universal modems which is 3 HSDPA with high speed internet connectivity

Contact me if you need on commercial basis or one for use    0246 45 66 67

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