Best Ways to Use Twitter Card to Generate Huge Traffic to your Post Fresh Deals Alert

Best Ways to Use Twitter Card to Generate Huge Traffic to your Post

SInce the announcement of Google and Twitter partnership to display tweets in search results. tweets has started appearing in Google search -results.  The search engine giant will now access to Twitter’s firehouse. This means users will be able to view live tweets instead of Google’s current model of just showing the profile information.
Join existing conversations by using trending hashtags. This is a good way to get your brand in front of an engaged audience,
but that does not mean you should intervene yourself in every single conversation. A Twitter card is a rich media add-on that may include images, videos and buttons that usually appears below a 140 character Tweet. There are three different type of Twitter cards; summary, photo and player. The summary is default card while the photo and player cards especially for photos and videos.
Three main way that Twitter card are generated
  1. Through Data On A Web Page- code or plugin are added to a website that enable cards to be automatically generated when a URL from that website is used in a Tweet.
  2. Through Twitter Ads- a user creates a card in a Twitter Ads then attaches a card to a Tweet.
  3. User Upload- a user uploads rich media while creating the Tweet.


Twitter lead generation card increase conversion rates by capturing in-app form-fills from your followers. Adding lead generation card to your Tweets makes it easy for people to express interest in your business without having to fill out a form. With just a couple of clicks, user can share their contact information with you so that you can follow up with your new potential customers.

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