Guaranteed Ways of Making Money from Google Fresh Deals Alert

Guaranteed Ways of Making Money from Google

You don't need a website/blog to start making/earning dollars from Google AdSense (where advertisers run advert and publishers also display the ads around their contents and get paid by GOOGLE) and no much IT skills is required. In fact, you just need a phone or computer to start. I was compelled to write this article because some Ghanaians who think technology is all about one common apps -what'sapp. They therefore waste much of their time posting images and video there meanwhile these images and videos can earn you huge amount of dollars every month which can help you pay your monthly bills. We help others to make money while we download/watch videos on youtube. You may be wondering how? Wait and I will teach

                          How Do I make Money Without Website or Blog

==> Create a New Gmail account. 
==> Choose American or European country as your location eg United states, United Kingdom etc.
==>Login to youtube with your newly created Google account
==>Click on
==>Enable your Youtube account for monetization
==>Wait for the upload to complete 
==> Click on monitization
==>Go to Channel Settings>Monetization
==>Click on “How will I be paid”?
==>Now click on “associate an Adsense account”
Then you will be now taking to where you will setup your Adsense account, fill everything there.
==. Click submit
==> Check in your inbox within 2 hours for your approved Google AdSense account.

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