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Professional Ways of Converting Audio to Text

In fact people are doing great things in this modern days. I always listen to this motivational speeches from renounced speakers. I hardly hear most their words when playing on my PC/Tape recorder, I therefore need something to convert the audio to text. How? is what I always asked myself. Thank God had that thing in my hand and am sharing with you. I came across a Chrome packaged app that makes transcribing a faster and much less painful process. The app is called Transcribe, and it’s a great productivity and time-saving tool not just for journalists, but for students, attorneys, researchers
– anyone who needs to turn spoken words into text quickly and inexpensively.Transcribe offers a writing environment that is tightly integrated with an audio player, helping you transcribe audio in a single screen without having to constantly switch between a media-player and a text editor.

               How to  transcribe an audio file to Text
1. Visit transcribe and sign up
2.Click on  green “Start Transcribing Now” button 
3. Choose licence type
4. Click on Sign Up icon
5. Click on transcribing now button
6.Click on "Choose File"  It supports the following file formats: mp3, mp4, m4a, amr, wma and wav.
7.An audio player will open up. You can control the playback of the audio file using these handy shortcuts 
    • Esc: pause/resume
    • F1: slow down
    • F2: speed up
    • F3: rewind 2 seconds
    • F4: forward 2 seconds
    • F6: insert timestamp
    • (Mac users: switch F1-F11 keys to function as standard function keys):
    • 8.Start typing along. Transcribe will auto-save every keystroke. The transcribed text is stored with your browser and 
    • If you make a mistake while typing press Ctrl+z key (Command+z for Mac users) to undo the previous change.When you are done transcribing, you can export the text as a .doc file to your computer. You just need to click the  export icon to download the file.
              Dictating using Transcribe
Transcribe also has a dictation feature that allows you to directly speak into the microphone - your words will be converted to text using voice recognition.
             Using Transcribe with a foot pedal
Transcribe works with the following foot pedals:
 I recommend Switch audio converter or an online audio converter both are free

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