How to Open US Bank Account and Fund it in Ghana Fresh Deals Alert

How to Open US Bank Account and Fund it in Ghana

Wow, with power of technology you can do everything within a twinkle of an eye. I must be thankful to the person(s) who first introduced it into the world. I can now sit in the comfort of my room to do online shopping with less stress and cost. In this post we discuss how can open  bank account from USA  right here in Ghana and fund it.It very easy steps and tricks. When you sign up  you are given master for withdrawals and funding. It is easy to fund in Ghana
and use it for online purchases from US companies.
                        How Do I Get US Bank Account 

==> Visit
==> Click on sign up now
==> Provide all the necessary information and submit it
==>Wait for one month to receive your master card
                  How Do I Activate my Payoneer Master Card 

==> Sign into your payoneer account 
           Read in detail how do I activate my payoneer master card
                   How Can I Fund my Master Card in Ghana
==>Walk into any bank in Ghana ask  for bank wire
==> Make sure you have following information in your hand
 I. Account number and wire transfer routing number.( in your payoneer online account )
 II. SWIFT Code.( google  the name of bank and its SWIFT CODE)
 II. IBAN number but currently US banks do not participate so No IBAN number is Required
In three working days your money will be in the account. Isn't this simple?.

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