How to Pay for your Online Orders with Paypal Account in Ghana Fresh Deals Alert

How to Pay for your Online Orders with Paypal Account in Ghana

I never knew there are pool of money online till last time google adsense sent  dollars into my Ghanaian bank account. I thought that was all, till my friend introduced me into 101 mini importation which earns me 100% profit for every import that I made. WOW!. Everyone who is involved in importation make 100% or 200% profit don't say these guys are wicked. Most of these portals or sites have their products discounted to the lowest minimum. In this post I will share with you how to pay for online orders using paypal. Most preferred payment system used by portals is paypal and unfortunately Ghana is blacklisted so you can't create and fund paypal in Ghana.  With the power of technology I have been able to create and fund my paypal account right here in Ghana.

  I can help you
==> create and fund your paypal account in Ghana
==> Pay for your online transaction with  paypal
                   How Do I Get My Order Paid with Paypal
I will use my paypal account to pay for your orders
I will transfer money from my paypal account to another account
Your friend outside Ghana can send you money through my paypal account
Contact me on the following
Facebook: Victor Kutufam
Twitter: victor.kutufam

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