Top 5 Decoders to Watch DSTV Channels for Free Fresh Deals Alert

Top 5 Decoders to Watch DSTV Channels for Free

I had received several calls and emails from my blog readers after I wrote a post on how to watch sramble TV3 on strong and multi Tv3 decoder that they want  Bis key to watch DSTV channels. In fact DSTV channels are very good to watch especially Supersports. In this post we will get to know decoders that will give you  DSTV account to watch 200+ channels free for 1 year after you had purchase the decoder. I mean free 200+ DSTV channels including SUPERSPORTS.
All these decoders are in my store for sales.Below are the list DSTV enabled decoders

1.HD 4U Receiver ( including Huawei 3G Modem)

2. DSTV receiver Q-sat Q23G

3.Q-SAT Q26G mpeg4 

4. Q-sat 26, q sat q26,q-sat q26g qsat

5.Q-sat Q13g/Q11G/Q15g DSTV 

Contact for your copy 

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Skype: victor.kutufam
Twitter: narteyv

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