How I Turn Passion into Streams of Money Making Avenue Fresh Deals Alert

How I Turn Passion into Streams of Money Making Avenue

This is not to blow my horn but  to help you think outside the box with the aid of your passion.I am VICTOR KUTUFAM, 100% Ghanaian blogger from eastern region. I happen to had all my education in middle part of Ghana where native names which are not common are LAUGHED AT. Names like Kutufam, Aworble, Agrugu, Sougah, etc are laughed at whenever it is mentioned. Did see my name kutufam right! as soon my name "kutufam" is mentioned everyone would wanted to see who owns this botanical name. So I decided to popularised this so-called botanical name,  I then started to make it popular online via blogging-content sharing. This is why I decided the to chose domain that bear my name ie
   In fact it was very difficult at initial stage but I never gave up
. In my first year of blogging, I was given freebies. With this freebies my name kutufam became household name because if you google it you will find.
  In second year, I had  google adsense running on site. What will happen when a whole google is running Ads on your site. Na money oo, At least my $100 each month is assured. In third year, I began given training on the following topics
1. 101 Mini importation-Most of my electronics I use I  imported them.
2. Website development( blog, e-commerce/ shopping sites)
3. Paypal creation and funding
4. Other services I cannot mention all

  From my third year what have you deduce so far- is it not a streams of money making avenues.
I want you to take notice of this, internet housed the world's money so find a better ways of taken yours out of it. And life is full of risk taken, make sure you take a risk, 
  TAKE RISK FOR IF YOU WIN YOU BECOME HAPPY , IF YOU LOSE YOU BECOME WISE. I took the risk of sending money to people I don't know for some Jobs  and they were executed nicely others no mentioning.
 What I want you to know is that use the internet to develop your passion and in no time the world get to know you and all will pay for your services.
The Money I make online is more than my professional Job
I am ever ready to help you make decent money online. Don't hesitate to contact me. SAY TO YOURSELF I can do it and stop spending most of your time on whats app

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