How to Apply and Make Regular Daily Income fromTeaching English language Online Fresh Deals Alert

How to Apply and Make Regular Daily Income fromTeaching English language Online

How much dollars have you been making online since you joined this blog. I have been walking you through tons of thousands ways of making money online. In this post, I will walk you through another mouth-watering ways of making regular daily income online-100% secure. Learn how to make money teaching English online its called English as a second language (ESL).There are several people in the world who are looking for teachers to teach them English language-how to write and speak fluently. You teach students online via a video-conferencing system (e.g. Skype, Google Hangouts, WizIQ). You can even build your own website for this business teaching students online English language from the comfort of your home

1. Good internet connection
2. Headphone
3.  Skype, Google Hangouts, WizIQ Account
4. Paypal account  Get a verified paypal account and fund it with VISA card in Ghana

==>Ispeakuspeak Become an online ESL (English as a Second Language) telephone trainer. ISUS, an innovative online training platform with thousands of students around the world, is currently hiring. If you are a native English speaker, with a PC and reliable internet connection, you have everything you need to start an exciting career with ISUS…  ISUS takes applicants worldwide and they rumored to between $10 and $15 hourly. Payments are made monthly via Paypal or wire bank transfer.
==>Cambly Cambly connects you with dynamic, patient, native speakers who are passionate about helping you take your English to the next level.When you talk to a paying Cambly user, you get paid for each full minute you spend talking to them. They pay $0.17 USD per minute ($10.20/hour), sending you your earnings via PayPal.Minimum payout is $20 to your paypal account

==>Tutorabc They pay $8.50 per teaching session and payment are made through paypal once in a month
Transcribeme . This site convert videos to rich text contents and vice versa. There several publishers out there looking for people who will convert their video ( on youtube, vimeo etc) to text so they are publish on their websites/ blogs. When you sign up, you are given these videos or text to convert. You are paid as high as $15-$20 per 30 minute transcription.There is a young man whom I trained is making regular daily income- not less than $50 a day 
If you don't have paypal account, don't worry read this Get a verified paypal account and fund it with VISA card in Ghana

Don't hesitate to contact me for enquires 
Mobile: 0246456667
Skype ID victor.kutufam 
Facebook: Victor Kutufam 

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