How to Get and Use Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) / Virtual Private Network (VPN) Fresh Deals Alert

How to Get and Use Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) / Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Just last week I published article about how to get dedicated IP address to surf the block websites especially those in Europe and America.Regular reader of this site never understood the last week's  post till he had to download Bisa K dae latest song MASA  and he was not able to download, because the format of the file is forbidden when using Ghana IP address. He called me to help him download the song "MASA". Try to download the song from below link with your Ghanaian IP address and share your comment. I think most of us are having same problems, I therefore decide to write this post about how to get and use Virtual Private Network(VPN)/Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
to have problems of these nature solved.VNP/RDP services changes your Ghanaian IP address to US, UK, BRAZIL, SINGAPORE AND JAPAN. When you sign up for these services below are benefit you enjoy.
                                     Benefit of using VPN/RDP                                      
1, It comes with a dedicated ip address for you alone to surf the internet and download any file all over the world.
2, You can use it to run all Forex trading software’s
3, For web designers you can use it to run all your SEO software’s

4, You can use it to send mass email to all your customers online
5, You can use it to access all blocked sites like Dating websites and online survey sites
6, You can use to create a PayPal account successfully from Ghana 
7. You can use to create virtual credit card from   
  • CPU-2500MHZ,
  • 3.7 GB RAM
  • Bandwidth: 1000GB/MONTH;
  • Disk storage: 400GB
  • login method :IP + password
  • server location :US, UK, BRAZIL, SINGAPORE AND JAPAN
  • Billing cycle monthly
  • no Control Panel
  • OS Windows or Linux

For more information contact
Mobile: (+233) 0246456667
Facebook: Victor Kutufam
Skype ID : victor.kutufam2

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