How to Get Dedicated IP Address to Visit Blocked Sites Fresh Deals Alert

How to Get Dedicated IP Address to Visit Blocked Sites

In fact good paying surveys are  mostly located in USA, CANADA,UK,etc but if you don't live in these countries you can'f do any survey. Those of us who don't reside in those countries and  wanting to visit these sites you must hide your IP or get a dedicated IP from those countries. You must get reliable windows server VPS/RDP that you can use it as remote desktop (RDP) and run your SEO/FOREX/product hosting services/ software 24h/7 . Get the fastest VPS/RDP in the world for mass email sending and all online. With RDP you enjoy free virtual desktop (you can install everything and access it anywhere) and dedicated IP address

         Benefit of using VPS/RDP
1, it comes with a dedicated ip address for you alone
2, you can use it to run all Forex trading software’s
3, for web designers you can use it to run all your SEO software’s
4, you can use it to send mass email to all your customers online
5, you can use it to access all blocked sites like Dating websites and online survey sites
6, you can use to create a PayPal account successfully from Ghana                              

               VPS SPECIFICATIONS:
  • CPU-2500MHZ,
  • 3.7 GB RAM
  • Bandwidth: 1000GB/MONTH;
  • Disk storage: 400GB
  • login method :IP + password
  • server location :US, UK, BRAZIL, SINGAPORE AND JAPAN
  • Billing cycle monthly
  • no Control Panel
  • OS Windows or linux

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Facebook: Victor Kutufam
Skype ID : victor.kutufam2

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