How to Get Virtual Master Card from Bank in Ghana Fresh Deals Alert

How to Get Virtual Master Card from Bank in Ghana

Virtual credit cards are online cards that are not physically issued by the credit card provider. It is usually a free service provided by the original card issuer to their customers who want to perform an online payment with the help of their credit cards. Virtual credit cards include a one-time-use credit card number created by the respective credit card provider. There are banks in Ghana which issue virtual debt card  from MasterCard. Foremost African financial institution, Guaranty Trust Bank plc has reaffirmed its position as a leading provider of e-payment gateway solutions with the recent launch of its Virtual Prepaid MasterCard.
The GTBank Virtual card has all the essential features of a physical card and can be used to make both international and local online payments. It also serves as a fall back option for customers who have forgotten or lost their card, but need to perform urgent online purchases.
The introduction of the virtual card has bridged the gap between traditional e-wallets and bank accounts by providing a low cost alternative to physical debit cards. Customers also have the option of converting the virtual card to a physical card.

            How To Get GTBank Virtual Master Card

==>Logon to the Internet Banking Platform
==>Select Cards from the left-hand panel, click on the Virtual Card request menuand fill the displayed form
==>Click the new "Request Button" to initiate your request for a new virtual Pre-paid Card
==>Select the Account to Debit for charges
==>Click on the ‘Account to link’ and agree to the "Terms and Condition" check boxes
==>Answer your secret question and click the ‘Continue’ button

==>The confirmation button is then displayed
==>Generate a 6-digit code from your hardware token device
==>Input the generated 6-digit token code on the confirmation page and click the 'Submit' button
==>Internet Banking will display the details of the Pre-paid card once your request is successful:
==>PAN (Card Number)
==>Expiry date
==>Activation Code

N/B: You can view the details of your Virtual card anytime by clicking “view card details” but you will require the use of Hardware token.
How to Convert to Your Virtual Pre-paid card to a Physical MasterCard
==>Click ‘Convert to physical Card’ link button as shown on the right
==>Select the Account to debit for the card Charge
==>Select your preferred PickUp Branch
==>Answer your secret question and click the ‘Continue’ button
==>A record submitted succesfully is displayed once request is complete
==>N/B: The card is removed from the History page and will no longer available as a Virtual card’.

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