How to watch EPL, UEFA and LA LIGA on Strong Decoder via Powervu Fresh Deals Alert

How to watch EPL, UEFA and LA LIGA on Strong Decoder via Powervu

In fact one would never thought that it is possible to watch EPL, UEFA,and  LA LIGA on specific strong decoders. I was combing the net and I stumble upon this this article "how to watch EPL,LA LIGA on your strong decoder. I decide to let  you know how to go about it.

                                                      THE REQUIREMENTS   
  ==> 1meter dish + a good cband lnbf  + Conical scalar ring.
==> 1.3meter + a good cband lnb (a 1.3 meter dish or larger can be used directly without a conical scalar ring)here are two packa
There are two packages Sony and MTN  packages

                             The Sony package.
==> The frequency to track those channels is: 3900 H 22222 
==> The minimum size of dish that you can use to get this channels is a 1 meter(100cm) dish
 ==> and conical scalar ring 

==>1.3meter dish without conical scalar ring . 
==> Position: located on Intelsat 20  68.5E
                          The very popular MTN Worlwide package 
==>The frequency for tracking  is 04129 (H) 15406 
 Position: 22.0W SES 7/C (C here means Cband).
    How to Open these Channels
 ==> Use decoder that supports manual input of powervu keys for example strong 4922
==> Get a powervu auto roll decoder for example GSky.
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