Gay Boys in Berekum are Under Attack Fresh Deals Alert

Gay Boys in Berekum are Under Attack

Gay Boys in Berekum are Under attacked. Richard Obeng who resides inside Berekum and well known as Agyebi Samuel brother in Berekum/Sunyani in the year 2016, 8th March, heard a terrible incident about his brother and friend.On 8th march 2016, Richard Obeng on way to Berekum Mpatasie heard the incident his brother and friend about attack on his brother and his friend engaged in homosexual act. 

Richard Obeng was able to escape without getting hurt but unfortunately Richard Obeng brother called  Samuel Agyebi friend- Richmond Oduro confirmed dead on arrival to the hospital.

Richard Obeng made an urgent call on Police station to report the incident his brother Samuel Agyebi and his friend Richmond Oduro being attacked by a group of people.

The police responded and followed up with investigation was concluded that Samuel Agyebi and  Richmond Oduro were friend, the indigence suspected them to be homosexuals and they were attacked by the group on 8 march, 2016 in Berekum- Mpatasie of which Agyebi Samuel narrowly escaped but Richmond Oduro died.

Below are images of  two Friends who were attacked by  group of people

                    RICHMOND  ODURO  IS DEAD

                      AGYEBI SAMUEL AT LARGE

         Berekum Chief rejects gay boys

The real identities and roots of three gay boys whose nude pictures went viral on social media recently still remain unresolved.

This follows a pronouncement by Nana Kumtwe Sasraku, the Gyasehene of Berekum, that the teenagers are not from the town (Berekum).
He has consequently cautioned people who have been associating Berekum with the alien practice to stop that because it is tarnishing the image of the town and its people.

Nude pictures of three gay teenagers having carnal knowledge among themselves went viral on social media platforms like WhatsApp about four days ago, raising eyebrows.

The ‘nasty’ pictures show one of the boys kneeling and sucking another’s manhood as the other was penetrating him (the one doing the sucking) from behind.
One of the nude pictures also shows a man who is wearing a woman’s brazier with showy pink lips, clearly imitating how women dress.
Another picture has a man on his knees being bonked from behind, as another depicts a naked man standing and proudly showing his big organ.

Initial reports on social media indicated that the gay boys are Ghanaians who hail from Berekum and reside there.
It was, however, reported that the chiefs of the town were annoyed at the discovery of the nude pictures and so they had resolved to deal with the offenders if arrested.
Chief’s Report
But the Berekum Gyasehene flatly debunked the report whilst speaking with United Television (UTV).

In an angry tone, the traditional ruler also described as untrue speculations that he posted the nude pictures on social media.

Setting the records straight, Nana Sasraku said he became curious when he saw the pictures on social media “because the boys looked like Ghanaians.”
He said he became frightened after watching the pictures because the nasty things the boys were doing are averse to Ghana’s rich culture.
Nana Sasraku stated that he realised that if care was not taken, very soon Ghanaian teenagers (both sexes) would be engaging in same sex practices.

In this regard, he said as a responsible chief, he quickly called a section of the media and strongly warned Ghanaian youth to abstain from same sex.

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