How to Get Free Paypal Fund Worth $100 Fresh Deals Alert

How to Get Free Paypal Fund Worth $100

Getting the FREE gifts you've always wanted has never been easier! Just follow these six simple steps and you'll be on your way. I never thought that I can landed on wonderful site like this where devices you are looking for is given free. Being laptop, Paypal account worth $50 and $100, gift cards,television sets etc, are all given out freely. You don't believe it. Are you sure ? This goodies doesn't happen in Africa-strictly for citizens in US and Canada. But not all us are living in US and Canada so can't
we enjoy this goodies bros don't worry there is way out.There is a sneaky tricks to go about it to get the device shipped to your country.How do I get My gift, Just refer one or more person(s) to join the site for free and you are on your way.


==> Get a Verified Paypal  Account  for payments

==>Get US or Canada VPN/RDP services

==>Download this browser for free here!

                       How Do I Create Account at this site

Step 1 - Choose Your Subsite!
Navigate to our homepage,, and move your mouse over the drop down menu labeled "Network Subsites" found at the top of the page.

Once the drop down menu appears, you will be able to select which subsite you want to be redirected to. For simplicity, Innovus Net is broken down into many different subsites that are categorized by the rewards available on them. Currently there TEN subsites: 
OneHalf - $20-$25 Per Referral and ONLY 1/2 Offer Required to Green!, (remaining sites are ALL 1 FULL Credit Required to Meet Your Offer Requirements) 

Step 2 - Registration!
After choosing your desired subsite, select the prize you want from the main page. If you change your mind on which gift you want, you can always select a different prize later on by using the tools found on your dashboard. Registration is absolutely FREE! Scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter your e-mail address, then click continue.

You will then be taken to our signup page where you will be prompted to enter some personal information. This information is used to both protect you and our network from fraud and to ensure successful delivery of your FREE gift. Innovus Net recognizes the privacy and protection that our users desire, and it is a tenet of our network that no outside parties have access to any information submitted to us.  After this information is submitted, a verification e-mail will be sent to you containing a unique link which you can click to activate your Innovus Net account.

Step 3 - Complete Offers!
Each time you log in to Innovus Net, you will be automatically directed to your "Dashboard". The "Dashboard" is your main control panel as it contains helpful tools, personal account information, and referral and offer statuses.

Step 4 - Refer Your Friends To Do The Same!
After you have met your offer requirements, refer some of your friends to sign up under your personal referral link and have them complete offers as well. Your friends can select any prize that they want and complete any offers that they want! Once they gain a full offer credit you will be given one referral credit, also known as a "green". As you already saw on the gifts page, the more expensive prizes require more referral credits.
Make sure your referrals sign up under your personal referral link. To view this link, navigate to your "Dashboard" and look for the Your Referral Link listing in the very left box labeled "Account Details".

Step 5 - Place Your Order!
Once you have completed your requirements and referred the necessary amount of friends to satisfy your prize's referral requirements, the "Place Order" button on your "Dashboard" will become activated. Click this button and follow the directions to verify the phone number you submitted to us during registration. If you chose the Custom Order option as your prize, you will have the opportunity to send us some details about the custom prize that you want. After submitting your order, you will hear back from us within 24 hours notifying you that your FREE gift has been shipped!

Don't hesitate to contact me for details. In fact there a ebook which will guide you on all the tricks
Mobile: 0246456667
Facebook: victor kutufam
Skype: victor.kutufam2

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