Short Code to Withdraw Funds from PayPal Account in Ghana Fresh Deals Alert

Short Code to Withdraw Funds from PayPal Account in Ghana

For the past three months now I have been finding ways of making PayPal usage in Ghana more convenient than ever. Thankfully, I have stumble upon sneaky ways of withdrawing money from paypal account. Gone are the days when you have to spend all your paypal funds for online shopping. With this post you can withdraw your funds and feel  the physical cash. You wondering whether it is possible, my reader nothing on this earth is impossible unless you don't work at it.  In this post we will discuss how to use short code to withdraw your paypal funds in the comfort of your home. Read this you earn $25 whenever you refer someone to sign up

                          What Should I Do
 ==> Visit
==> Sign up
==> Make sure you provide all necessary information

               What this Magic short code to withdraw fund

 ==>Dial *714*44# on your registered phone ( number you used during the registration process)
==> Choose option 4 - Receive Money
==> Select option 3 - PayPal Account
==> Enter paypal email
==> Enter payer name
==>Enter amount you want to withraw
==> Enter your PIN ( The PIN you CHOOSE during registration
==> Click on submit
Note: You will your funds in your mpower wallet in three working days. You can the transfer from mpower wallet to your mobile money account ( MTN, AIRTEL and TGO CASH).
U can use the same code to register for the service

It wealth reading this get verified paypal account

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