How I Deposit Money into Someone's Account through Barclays ATM Fresh Deals Alert

How I Deposit Money into Someone's Account through Barclays ATM

Barclays Bank of Ghana is making its customers’ lives easier with 24-hour access to extensive financial services delivered at the ATM so customers can pay a bill or send money to friends and family through the speed and security of the ATM and the Barclays brand. Cash Deposit is a new and convenient way of making deposit through any Barclays ATM any time of the day at your own convenience. I was in the Baclays Bank of Ghana- Adum branch to deposit money into my supplier's account, there was  queue so I was direct do go to ATM to deposit. I spent less two minutes to deposit the money. I then decided to share with you how to deposit money in Barclays Bank Ghana ATM-so you don't waste time joining queue in the banking hall.

Depositing Cash is a simple process which is detailed below:
  1. Simple steps to make your Cash Deposit:
  2. Insert Visa Card.
  3. Enter PIN.
  4. Select more Services>
  5. Select Cash Deposit.
  6. Select:
    1. Own Account- If you are depositing into your account
    2. Other Account- If you are depositing into other accounts, enter the account number
  7. Deposit Cash through the open slot. Follow the prompt if you intend to make further deposits ...
  8. Confirm/reject transaction.
Note: Please ignore the first digit of the branch code i.e. the ‘’0’’ preceding the Branch Code e.g. enter 48 instead of 048
Maximum deposit limit is GHC 2,000 per transaction.

If you have very weakened note the ATM may reject then, but don't lose hope go to the main banking for the deposit

For more information contact
Phone: : +233 (0)302 429 150

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