How to Access SSNIT Monthly Contribution on Phone Fresh Deals Alert

How to Access SSNIT Monthly Contribution on Phone

I must commend and applaud Controller and accountant General for adding new useful feature to the gogpayslip platform. In fact, these feature are useful in the sense that you can check your Social Security and National Trust (SSNIT) contributions being tier I and tier II. In no time, all public sector workers will be given visa card which can be used for online purchases and pay for travelling expenses, income tax paid for each month.One important  feature of these platform is the My Staff Card which act as credit card.
Since the addition of these feature you are required to complete simple survey before you can login your account ,
                                  What are the added feature
==> My SSF Report. Gives you monthly report of your Social Security and National Trust (SSNIT) contributions
==> My GRA Report. Helps you to know monthly income tax deduction
==> My Staff  Card. This card is not available for now. It can be used as credit card for purchases
==> My Travel Card. The Government of Ghana Travel and Expense Card is a prepaid card hosted on either a VISA or MasterCard platform that allows Employees and functionaries of the Government of Ghana to make travel related payments when on official assignments.

                                        How Do I Access these Feature

1. Login your account
2. Enter your employee number
3. Enter password
4. Enter the code
5. Click on sign in
6. Finally, click on any icon in your account

 Below is screen shot My Staff  Card

Credit to GOGPAYSLIP for card  above

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