Top software to Open TV3 on strong 4920, 4922 & 4922A Fresh Deals Alert

Top software to Open TV3 on strong 4920, 4922 & 4922A

Since system upgrade done by Multi-TV some decoders are not opening TV3 even if the Biss key is inserted.God being so good I have stumble upon software that will open TV3  on specific decoders. In this article, I will be sharing links to software that will fix TV3 not opening on strong 4920, 4922 & 4922A Please be warned that the strong software only works for the strong models listed above.
Do not attempt to load it on an incompatible strong decoder unless you know what you are doing or you are ready to do so at your own risk. If there is power outage while you are at it, there is 100% likely hood that your device will be soft-bricked. Finally; do not load this software on a copy / clone/ fake strong decoder. If you load it on a fake strong decoder, that decoder will die.  
                        DOWNLOAD LINKS
Download software for strong SRT4920_194p_20160330
Drop your comment when it works for you.
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