Learn How to Code Apps, Games and Websites from Live Streaming Site Fresh Deals Alert

Learn How to Code Apps, Games and Websites from Live Streaming Site

Oh God learning easier and convenient now a days due to advent of internet. You can sit right in your room and learn whatever you want to. Kudos to one who invented computer and internet, God richly bless them. I was surfing and combing the internet to update my knowledge luckily, I stumble upon a site where you can learn coding by watching individual programmers coding LIVE. You mean LIVE! Are you sure? Yes you heard me right.
Livecoding.tv is a live streaming platform that allows people to share code, exchange programming experiences, and socialize,
all while improving their coding. If you would like to watch engineers aka streamers code live on Livecoding.tv, simply sign up for an account and start viewing immediately. Here’s how to get started with an account. You can how to develop Apps, Games and website on your own and sell them. In fact try to subscribe and learn well sine you the opportunity to download the videos and learn it at your pace else I will it and sell the idea to you.

            How Should I get Started

==> Click the SignUp button at the top right hand corner of the page.

==> You will then get a notification in your email to activate the account by clicking the link in your email. Afterwards you will be redirected to the sign in page.

==> Sign up with a social account such as Facebook, or enter an email and a password then click the Sign Up button.

==> Access your newly created account by entering your email and password then clicking Login.

==> After signing in you will be redirected to your Livecoding.tv home page

On the home page, you can watch videos, create playlists, setup notifications for streams you would like to watch, read and watch news of activities in the Livecoding.tc community, and even create your own channel for streaming.
That’s it. You are now a member of the Livecoding.tv community of a 150,000 users. You can now watch live streams of engineers coding and/or watch videos in the archive of all saved streams.

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