Paying Charges to Deposit Money into different Mobile Money Wallet is Illegal Fresh Deals Alert

Paying Charges to Deposit Money into different Mobile Money Wallet is Illegal

This has to stop! With advent of Mobile Money System many people don't queue at bank for transaction. I must Confess, mobile money is handy and convenient to use. I want to share with you practices of almost all Mobile Money Merchants which is against the rules of mobile money operations in Ghana. The purpose of this post is not to damage or derail the work of merchants but  to help unsuspected Mobile Money subscribers to know their right. 
Depositing money into Mobile Money Wallet is free and free. Oh are you sure depositing is free ? Yes, it is  free and 100% free.
Mobile Money Merchants in Ghana are charging 1.0 % fee whenever you deposit  money into different wallet which is illegal. It attracts no fee please! 

                         Why the Merchants are Charging 1.0% Fee

Merchant tell you, transfer is chargeable transaction. Defend yourself by  
telling the merchant that you are depositing money not transfer and you are done.
                    Why Deposit Does Not Attract Fee 

MTN mobile money for instance, sends you message whenever you deposit money which reads "Cash in (deposit) is Free Transaction on MTN Mobile Money. Please do not pay any fees for it". Insist you are not paying any fee. Do well to read and understand every message you received from all transactions.
Re-share this master piece on any social media you find yourself. Let's all fight this menace or cancer from our society and will be better place to live. 

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