How to create Customised Emails with your Domain Name Fresh Deals Alert

How to create Customised Emails with your Domain Name

I've seen many Startup’s such as bloggers, technology companies often use public domain email addresses, such as those offered for free by Gmail/Yahoo mail. If you are a domain owner, it is a good idea to use customized Email address like,, as it doesn't only shows  how professional you are, it also makes your email more serious and authentic. There are many web-services that you can use to create a domain-based email address, In this post, we will learn how to create Email ID for your domain using Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail provides the email service for business accounts to get custom domain based email addresses for all the users in the organization. Sign Up for custom domain based email address like or 

Sign up with Zoho Mail - Domain-based Business Account

==> Sign up at
==> Click on get started on right hand in red icon
==> Click on  free sign up
==> Choose sign up with a domain I already own
==> Enter the domain name you want to use
==> Enter first and last name
==> Enter the name you want to use as customized email address such 
==> Enter phone for verification
==> Enter your preferred password
==> Click sign up
==> A seven digit codes is sent to your phone 
==> Enter the confirmation code to verify your Zoho account
==> You will be redirected to your Zoho mailbox

Note: If you want to Sign up and need a domain based custom account, you need to have the required permissions to access the DNS Manager of the domain. 

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