Top Sneak Ways Mobile Money Fraudsters Use to Steal Money from your Wallet Fresh Deals Alert

Top Sneak Ways Mobile Money Fraudsters Use to Steal Money from your Wallet

Fraudsters have invaded Ghana’s leading mobile money transfer platforms making it possible for some people to doubt the genuineness of the platforms which help to boost financial inclusion in the country. In fact all players this industry are making frantic effort to stop the activities of these fraudsters by running basic security tips on airwaves and social media. The management of has decided to contribute its quota to
climb-down the activities of these criminal by sharing the fraudsters sneaky tricks to lure unsuspected subscribers with you. This situation should not put off to have mobile money wallet because it is convenient and accessible.   

          Types of mobile money fraud

==>False Payment SMS: Fraudsters send false payment messages to subscriber.  Fraudsters will call  and tell the recipient He/She the fraudster's mother is sick at hospital, he wrongly transferred some amount to your wallet instead his sister at hospital. The  Fraudster will ask the money should be returned to a named number.

                         How to detect that it is false SMS

1. First check your balance to find out if said amount has been deposited. If no money added ignore the person. 
2. Check if you received such payment alert earlier with same transaction ID number
==>False Cash out SMS: Fraudsters send false cash out messages to merchants for authorization of which the physical cash is issued by the merchant to the fraudster without the equivalent e-cash.

==>Cash out Fraud: Customers are pushed payment approval prompt and lured to enter their pin code in order to receive price won through Mobile Money.

==>Scam: Fraudsters calling to dupe customers under the pretext of delivering goods from abroad. Some fraudsters call and ask for specified amounts to be deposited into a mobile money account, in exchange for goods from relatives/friends from abroad.

==>Anonymous calls from fraudsters: Customers receive calls from fraudsters after deposits to transfer funds received with the claim being airtime.

==>False Promotion: Customers are lured to authorize cash out transaction with the claim of winning Mobile Money promotion.

==>False PromotionCustomers are lured to visit merchant point to redeem price won through Mobile Money.
==>False Promotion SMSFraudulent consumers send fake SMS to agents either from their own handsets or generated from computers. The SMS looks genuine to the recipient.


             For MTN subscribers you  Report fraud to 

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