Perfect Car Diagnostic Tool/Scanner to Detect Faulty Parts of your Vehicles Fresh Deals Alert

Perfect Car Diagnostic Tool/Scanner to Detect Faulty Parts of your Vehicles

Management of  always tries to find solutions to our daily problems. We have collaborated with management of KUTUBELLA ENTERPRISE ( subsidiary of  an offline company has imported Car Diagnostic Tool/scanner which is used to detect fault in a car. Now a days, most of the imported cars are "electronics" which means that all cars manufactured since 1996 to date are coded. This require specialized tool and technician to identify, analyse and diagnose the fault.
In fact most of our roadside technicians cannot identify the fault let alone repairing it. In view of this, management of these two companies thought it wise to import this tool into Ghana. What are requirement for the usage of the tool. You need to be able to read basic English– I mean it is difficult for a start illiterate to be able to use this effectively without help

  • The diagnostic tool( scanner) is available for sale , Renting and Diagnosis purposes
  • We have well-trained technicians who will take you through pros and cons of the scanner. 
          What are the Feature of the Car Diagnostic Tool-Scanner

  • The scanner support live software updates.
  • The scanner support American, Asian and European cars
  • The scanner support OEM specific trouble codes, generic codes and enhance codes. The scanner support vehicles from 1996 and newer
  • The scanner are able to recommend repair reports
  • The scanner support all diagnostic connectors(optional as 16 pins obd is currently the most popular and supported by more than 90% of vehicles out there. 
  • It support most vehicle types including light trucks
  • It support the two engine types that is Gasoline / Petrol and Diesel. 
  • It is able to read and clear the error codes after repair
  • It  also support Chinese Use vehicles
  • It also support display of various graph streams.

  • If you are interested don't hesitate to contact us 

  •     For enquiries contact following lines
  • Mobile : 0246 45 66 67
  • What'sap: 0557 26 20 20
  • Facebook: victor kutufam
  • Skype ID: victor kutufam
  • email: admin @  or 
  • Twitter: twitter/narteyv

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