How to Get Maxbounty Account Approval, and Traffic sources to Promote Offers Fresh Deals Alert

How to Get Maxbounty Account Approval, and Traffic sources to Promote Offers

MaxBounty is a CPA (cost per action) affiliate marketing network which provides affiliate marketers the opportunity to become affiliates for different companies (vendors) and earn extra money for every website visitor they bring to these companies .MaxBounty is the one true affiliate network built specifically with affiliates in mind.  There are over 1,500 offers across all traffic types like surveys, freebies, financial, insurance, dating,
diet, etc. The weekly payments, and the fact that they are never late. The payment options (ACH, Check, PayPal, Payoneer, Wire, Bitcoin). You can earn as much as 10$-50$ per day

                How to Register

==> Visit maxbounty for registration

The approval is involve two processes

(a) Email confirmation/verification  and 
(b) Phone interviews by your maxbounty account manager ( many publishers denied approval at this stage). No worries at all,  I will walk you through how to get approval as soon as possible 

   Now ,You’re very close to getting approved on it,
 Your Account manager will call you and make sure you convince him/her 
The manger will ask you some question like this ,Just read this section very carefully.
  1. How long are you working with affiliate marketing

Ans : I have been working with affiliate marketing since 2012. I have been  CPA affiliate journey 5 years ago
2.Which network do you work With?
Ans: I am working with Clickbank, Google adsense, CJ . Also, i am working with Neverblue, 
3.What is your AM name on Adsmain?
Ans: Ok, sometimes they will ask you this type of questions to test if you are tell them the truth.So write all AM’S name on a note pad before calling them.
4.How do you promote offers?
Ans: I am a CPA marketer. I am using Bing, Google adword, Facebook, and Instagram influencers  to run my  ads. I collect Interest/Pixel based on my offers and then i run my campaigns.
5.Why you choose Maxbounty?
Ans: Maxbounty is the number one cpa marketplace and they have TON’s of amazing offers that i am looking for.
6.Which offers are you looking for?
Ans: I am looking for some surveys ,Business to Business. Gaming,Email submit offers. (Go to maxbounty marketplace and take a look on their offers and just tell them any offers name.Or if you like any offer from maxbounty just tell them.)

          What offers should I promote at maxbounty

1. Survey voice( US) Rate: 2.8$/Lead
2. InboxDollars-US Rate:    2.8$/lead
3. Pinecone research (US) rate   4.8$/lead
4. surveyJunkie (US)  Rate 1.0$/lead
5. Vindale research. 
  Imagine if you get 200 visitors signing up in a week calculate the amount of dollars in your pocket

Read this 

           how to earn $100 every month from ClickBank

              After Approval How Do I Choose and  Promote the Offers
2. Visit and run ads
1. Visit cpalead for good traffic 
3. Go to Google adwords to create campaign
4. Visit Bing Ads and create campaign

If you are denied approval, never worry contact me for assistance
Mobile: +233 (0) 246456667
WhatsApp: + 0557 26 20 20 

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