Step By Step Guide on How To Make Money through Facebook Audience Network: Fresh Deals Alert

Step By Step Guide on How To Make Money through Facebook Audience Network:

Facebook's Audience Network allows you to monetize your iOS and Android apps with targeted ads. This guides walks you through steps to get started on Audience Network.Firstly, you need to understand that to make money from Facebook through the Facebook Audience Network you will need to own a 
Facebook Page and a blogFacebook Audience Network is where the money is now. A lot of people have abandoned Google AdSense and embraced Facebook Audience Network, but the wise ones are doing the two together. The benefits are just too enormous.But the good news is that you can run the two on your blog at the same time. 
If you run Adsense and Audience Network on the same blog, your readers will only see the Audience Network ads when they access your blog through your Facebook page through the Facebook mobile app for Android and IOS. 

Facebook pays you per click and per impression while Google pays only per click. Per Click means you are only paid when someone clicks on an advert from your post. Per Impression means you are paid when someone views the advert and not necessary have to click. 
So, on Facebook, the more people click on a post from your page through the Facebook mobile app, the more traffic you will get; this traffic will translate into a lot of Ad Impressions, plenty Ad Impressions will result into more money. The more your Facebook Page followers, the more the money you will make. 

You must apply for Facebook Instant Articles first and Facebook Audience
Network later.

                  How to apply for the Facebook Audience Network
==> Go to your Facebook  page and click on Publishing Tools. 
==> Click on Instant Articles, then click on Configuration. 
==> Scroll down and click on Audience Network. 
==> Click on the Terms and Conditions box 
==> Click on get Started. 
==> Now click on Your Dashboard. 
==> click Payout,  input your bank details. Facebook will pay directly into your bank account.  
==> Click on create/Select Payout 
==> Click on create New Payment Account‟ 
==> Enter tax id number, just enter any 8 digit numbers 
==> Select Other Government-Issued Tax ID‟. 
==> Enter Zip code.

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       How to Display the adverts on your Posts

==> Navigate to Placements 
==> click on get Code. 

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