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Unique Way to Apply for Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook has introduced another feature called Facebook instant articles, when you apply for Instant Articles, you are able to share your blog's content on your Facebook page and your readers have the luxury of easily accessing your posts because of the load time. Instant Articles helps load your posts 15 times faster than normal, and this helps your users have a wonderful experience even with an extremely slow internet connection. 

Advantages of Using Facebook Instant Articles: ( FIA is an abbreviation for Facebook Instant Articles)
*FIA gives full freedom to design and brand your content.
* FIA enjoys all the benefits of Facebook‟s EdgeRank and improve the traffic.
* FIA entices your site traffic by providing faster, seamless experience with interactive features.
*FIA increases your social signal through boosted user sharing prompted by better user experience.
* FIA's Content Monetization options - 100% of the ad revenue from direct-sold ads & 70% of the revenue generated from Audience Network. 

Disadvantages of Using Facebook Instant Articles:
*Facebook limits the number of ads delivered through FIA.
*Third-party advertisers are restricted and this may incur a drop in the revenue
*Facebook might restrict the number of images & videos on your FIA to decrease the loading time of your content.
*Any widgets within the article, will no longer appear on your FIA.
* Any widgets, advertisements or information in your sidebar will not reach your audience.
*Most shortcodes and custom fields will not be displayed in your articles. 

I will show you how to Apply for Instant Articles on Blogger and Wordpress. Let us start...

For WordPress users, you will need to first

==> Download and Install the Facebook Instant Articles Plugin

==> Go to your Wordpress Dashboard, 

==> Scroll down to where you will see a menu named "Plugins", click on it
==> Click on Add New, 
==> Now click on Upload Plugin, 
==> Click on Choose File and select the plugin you just downloaded,
 click on Install Now. 
==> click on Activate Plugin. 

    How Do I Sign for Instant Articles for Blogger and WordPress users

==>Open your browser and go to Facebook instant signup 
==>Now scroll and tick on Accept the Terms box 
==>click on Access Instant Articles Tools. 
==>Click continue
==>Click on connect Your Site”. A code is displayed in black box. The code looks something like this: <meta property="fb:pages" content="417269162971823" />

##WordPress users are to copy only the ending number, which is your page ID, eg. (417262691971823), 
==>go to your Instant Articles Menu Dashboard on WordPress and enter that page id where it says "Facebook Page ID"

              ##For those using Blogger##, 
==> Now go to your blogger and click on "Theme‟ from the left hand side menu. 
==> Click on Edit HTML
==> Search for the code “<head>” with the help of CTRL + F 
==> Copy the code 
<meta property="fb:pages" content="417269162971823" /> and paste just below above code “<head>” 
Make sure you replace 417262691971840  with your facebook ID

==> Now click on save theme 
==> Go  to Facebook and enter the address of your website (Blog) e.g.
www.yourblogname.com or www.yourblogname.blogspot.com 

==> Click on Claim url. 
                            For Blogger Users
 ==> Click on production RSS feed” and enter your blog name ending with /feeds/posts/default?alt=rss  e.g. http://yourblogname.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss

                       WordPress Users  
==> Enter http://yourblogname/feed e.g.
==> Click save without checking the box underneath. 

==> Click on developmental RSS feed and input the url of your site
==> Click Save without checking the box underneath.
==> Now go to Styles and click on default 
==> Click on Logo then 
==> Click on chose Logo to upload a logo for Instant Articles.  Logo size must be 690px width by 132px height. You can go to www.cooltext.com to design a free 

==> Click on “Submit for Review” 
==> Go to Production Articles, for publication of unpublished post or delete posts you don't want on your page,

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