8 Legit Ways to Make Active and Passive Money Online Fresh Deals Alert

8 Legit Ways to Make Active and Passive Money Online

Did you know you can actually make money online? Yeah that's right. You just need computer or Phone with internet access. So in this master piece I am going to show you 8 websites where you can actually start making some side cash or if you really serious you make some good money. Is it this amazing! On some of these websites you can make much as $100 a day and even more and best part
is you don't have to quit your job, you can this working on free  time. On the internet there are two distinctive ways of making money, the is
==>Active income:
You get paid for work you do.
If you don't work you don't make money
==> Passive Income: This is my favorite method because
all you do is to put in work once and the money in the theory should keep rolling in.Without having to do any more work. Below are list of 8 websites

==> Upwork.com It a website for freelancers, with upwork you make active income businesses and individual post service on their blog they would like outsource such as article writing, Video editing, App Development, coding etc, There are tones of jobs being outsource on this. You just have to good in something.  The beauty of this is they have low barrier of entry.

==> YouTube . It is site where videos are shared. You can monetize your YouTube videos and make $1- $1000 or  more provided you upload good video content. The more viewership, the more money.
You make money on YouTube through Affiliate and Paid sponsorship

==> Amazon  It was formerly known for sale of books but the site has anything you can think on sale. I am going to teach you three ways of making mone on amazon

1. Amazonmturk . It site for transcribing, video editing, coding, translating into different languages. You can  $20 oor more per hour and payment is fast.
2. Amazon Kindle publishing. This help turn your ideas to electronic books ( E-Books) . Whenever you book from amazon, the publisher and amazon make money you too can

3. Amazon Associates program. This is easy and popular way of making passive income,
All you need to sign up to Amazon Associates program. Choose product you to promote and amazon will give a link , whenever someone buys from your link Amazon will pay you commission from 5% to 10% . Payment are sent to your Amazon account or Cheque or Amazon Gift Card.

==> ClickBank: It is a market place where digital ptoducts are sold. Clickbank  pays high commission as compare to other site. Some affiliates pays as much as 75 % , You can sign up and start promoting the product on Facebook, twitter, what's app etc.

                  How to select movable products
Visit google trends and type in most demanded and purchased digital product.

==> Flippa.com  It one of the best online buying and selling  market place. You buy and sell websites and domain for huge money. How do I buy, you place your bid and if high you are given the product.

==> Shutterstock,com  It is a platform you cam buy and sell digital media such as pictures, music and videos clips mainly created by freelancer so if you are good at photography taking good pictures you can monetize it on this site.The way you make from shutterstock is every time someone purchase your pictures you are paid commission. Upload good content of videos, pictures and music for more money

==> Dropshipping. With dropshipping which basically you doing is selling stuff with small or large profit without having to deal with shipping.Basically you are acting as middlemen. You can do this by creating online store.All you do is to pay the customer and ship the item- you may not even see the product.  The best part is you set the product  The basic principle is to create a store , Below is list of online store providers

 ==> Takelessons  It a site where everyone can teach any skill. Everyone has a skill that can be teaching someone language, playing instrument (especially organ) , how to cooking etc . Is up to you to sign up and start making money

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