How to Manually Enter BISS CODE on All Decoders to Watch AFCON on TV3 Fresh Deals Alert

How to Manually Enter BISS CODE on All Decoders to Watch AFCON on TV3

AFCON 2019 has reached its peak and most of sports fun and fanatics would want to watch all games, but unfortunately GTV and TV3 wont show the games. Thanks to technology there is Secrete BISS CODE  for all decoders to watch all games on TV3. In this masterpiece. I will share with you how  to use this BISS Key to access all blocked channels.

Manually entering BISS keys on other strong decoders

To input BISS keys in Strong products such as SRT 4669XII, SRT 4669X, SRT 4920, SRT
4923, SRT 4922a, SRT 4950, SRT 4950M, SRT 4950H, complete the following steps.

==> To start with, press 8280 on your remote control and a new screen will pop up.
==> However, if after pressing, a new screen fails to show up, you have to activate the biss key option first. At this point, press 6969 on your remote control and you will be asked for a password, simply press 6969 again on your remote control.
==>  Press 8280 and scroll to 6th to row 
==> Enter the biss key 9A24FDBBBB263819 in the menu.

==>  On the other hand, if the biss key option has been activated on your decoder already, then
you don’t need to go through such a long process. Simply follow this simple steps below:
==> Select TV3
==> Press 8280 on your remote and press OK.
==> The Biss Key menu will display.
==> Scroll to 6th row
==> Enter your Key 9A24FDBBBB263819
– Press Exit to save the setting.

How To Manually entering  BISS keys on Strong 4955, 4955B,   4955G &  4962i

-To track the satellite package that hosts the channel you want to open with the BISS key

==> Tune to the channel that you want to open with a biss key
==> Get to the patch by inputting F1 + 8280 on your remote control from your idle screen.
==> The patch menu window will pop up instantly.
==> Navigate to BISS Key
==> Scroll to the last Key Number 
==> Press green button to add another Keyline.
==> Go for the “EDIT” option. 
I will recommend same to beginners
If you would rather edit an existing key, 
*Press on “Sat” to edit the
*Frequency, Symbol Rate

*Version of the TV3  BISS key   .
Your provider ID can be “1FFF” and you can leave your index as “00” or “3D” or any two digits.
Ensure that The Key Data doesn’t exceed 16characters such as 11 1111 33 11 11 11 33

Press SAT Key button from the remote control to enter the Frequency,
Symbol rate and
Polarization. Make sure it appears as follows: Freq:
SR: Pol:SID =
 Press the OK button on your remote to save the
key data. Then exit.

Manually entering biss keys on Tiger star T245+ Ultra

==> Click menu-click installation, then
==> Click Patch – Scroll to BISS
==> Scroll through the existing keys and pick one. I will recommend you pick the last one or
any irrelevant one.
==> Go to blue button Edit by clicking it,
==> Enter your keys on the Key column. 
==> Enter 00 on Prov ID and Index. 
==> Click (F1) Edit Boss to enter your your frequency and symbol Rate, you will find H automatically.
==>  Save and After exit.

Manually entering BISS keys on GSky decoders

N.B: Users of Gsky and hellobox decoders don’t need to manually
enter any Biss keys at the
==> Download and install the latest software for your version of GSky decoder from the manufacturer’s website.

==> Press menu on your remote and open “conditional “
==> Scroll to BISS
==> Press the green button on your remote 
==> Add a new BISS key  9A24FDBBBB263819  .
==> Edit the keys accordingly.

      Manually entering BISS keys on Qsat

==> Firstly, press menu on the remote control.
==> Enter default code “0000”
==> Navigate to the Xcam set up on your decoder. It is usually under settings
==> However, If Xcam set up is not simply
 ==> Press 1512 on the remote control and Xcam set up will pop up automatically.
Please note that before you press 1512, make sure you are in the area of your decoder where you see things like “Preference, AV,
Ethernet Config, PVR Config, Multimedia setting etc.

Manually entering BISS keys on AlphaBox X4 and x6 decoders

* Press the menu button on your remote control.
* Locate the settings
* On the setting Bar, enter 2778
* The access control option will display
* Click OK on the Access Control
* Locate CONSTANT.CW Edit and press OK
* Input your biss key 9A24FDBBBB263819


Manually entering BISS keys on other decoders

1. For SUPERMAX 91001: 
==> Press the menu key.  
==> Press 7799 code for the biss key.
==> Enter BISS KEY 9A24FDBBBB263819

2. As for TECHOSAT 2000
ULTRA 1: Simply press menu
button and press 5400.
Enter BISS KEY 9A24FDBBBB263819

3. If you own a STARSAT 9700
& 7979: Simply press menu
keys on your remote control,
then press 9999 for the biss key.
Enter BISS KEY 9A24FDBBBB263819

4. Similarly, for STARSAT 2000
HD ACE : Press f1 on your
remote control, then press 333
and the biss key menu will open.
Enter BISS KEY 9A24FDBBBB263819

5. Furthermore, SAMTEL 7000
HD: Simply press OK button,
then press “0” and
 enter your biss key  9A24FDBBBB263819.

6. Moreso, EL 7999 HD is not
left out: Press on Menu button
on your remote control, then
press “7777′ four times on your
remote control and 
enter your biss key 9A24FDBBBB263819  .

7. Users of ECHO STAR
DECODERS should follow this process:
– Press menu on your remote control.
– Select system settings
– Press the red button on your control
–Now, Enter 2528
– Enter your keys 9A24FDBBBB263819 .
– Press the Red button twice.
– Finally, press OK.

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