How to Use Common Sense to Create Permanent Employment for your House Hold and Future Generations The latest in technology news and trends

How to Use Common Sense to Create Permanent Employment for your House Hold and Future Generations

The payroll of Ghana is full, this statement came from finance Ministry, Which means Government of Ghana will no longer employ more workers henceforth. Therefore parents are advice to create family businesses. In olden days, one of the aims of formal education or going to school is to get gainful employment from Government institutions. In our modern days, the table has turned so many nations have tuned their educational to meet the needs of our days. Unfortunate for us,  here in Ghana educational system continues to prepare us only to be employed by someone/Government institutions. In this masterpiece, I will walking you through Common Sense Business Creating Opportunities-( put aside paper certificates and think as human being). Requirement: Smart Phone and Common Sense. Relax and read between lines. 

1. Become Event Planner. An event planner (also known as a meeting and/or convention planner) is someone who coordinates all aspects of professional meetings and events. They often choose meeting locations, arrange transportation, and coordinate many other details.
                                   How Do I Use Common Sense

Get to following people for business deal;
1. Spinner-for PA system
2. Decorators-
3. Mortician- the person who handles the body in preparation for a funeral.

Tell above professionals that you have a lot of program for them so when time due you invite them. Make sure you know amount of money each professionals  charge per program per day, so you add your profit.

2. Start importation business. I will share with two good websites to start your importation. 

                     How Do I Use Common Sense

Get to shop owners and operatives show them image of product you import ( Snap image of the products from the site unto your phone). 
Tell them your uncle outside the country who send the products to you at moderate prices. Make sure know the market prices already.  If you are smart enough, you can start this business without investing a pesewa. 

3.  Learn to create PayPal Account:  Is an online payment system that makes paying for goods and services online and sending and receiving money safe and secure 

         How Do I Use Common Sense

The charge ranges between 100ghs-200ghs per account depending on the country you are getting account from. Ghana is one of the blacklisted countries, you need common sense to create PayPal account for those who does not have. I personally earn about ghs1000 monthly
4. Learn to Start bloggingrefers to writing, photography, and other media that's self-published online. It is a way sharing what know best with readers online.
                   How Do I Use Common Sense

Go to and start blogging. You can rent a space on your site for google and organizations to run their adverts for huge dollars. I personally earn over $400 every month.

5.  Learn Start Snails Business - Read details on how to start snails business

Don't hesitate to contact the following below line for further explanation.
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Regular line: 0246 45 66 67
Facebook: victor kutufam
Twitter: narteyv 

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