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Best Top Software to create E-book

One of the ways of making your ideas known to the whole world and start earning money out of it. is to create e-books. While it is easy to get your e-book made and published, there are a number of things to consider before the production process. These include details of your e-book such as what format it will be, where you plan to sell and promote it, who is your target audience, and other important factors that affect your e-book’s success.There are two ways to do this: creating it with a software you can use independently or without connecting to the Internet,

Professional Ways of Converting Audio to Text

In fact people are doing great things in this modern days. I always listen to this motivational speeches from renounced speakers. I hardly hear most their words when playing on my PC/Tape recorder, I therefore need something to convert the audio to text. How? is what I always asked myself. Thank God had that thing in my hand and am sharing with you. I came across a Chrome packaged app that makes transcribing a faster and much less painful process. The app is called Transcribe, and it’s a great productivity and time-saving tool not just for journalists, but for students, attorneys, researchers

Best Top 8 Websites to Free Download Funny Video

We were told by our physicians that laughing is one of the best medication for curing our sicknesses. They therefore recommend that everyone should laugh as much as s/he could. Most of us comb online for these funny videos that will keep us laughing. Fortunate for me, I have stumble upon websites that share funniest videos  for free downloads. Some site have offered it's member the opportunity to upload videos for dollar cash.

Download software to Capture,crop and Resize Images on PC Screen

My clients who came for 101 cheap importation training have been requesting for software to capture images on the screen of their devices because they can't show the site and original prices to their customers. Luckily for me I have stumble upon a site that has software which can  capture, annotate, crop and resize images. It can be used to blur out portions of an image that need to be kept private.

Download Any Data Recovery Software

Have you accidentally and  inadvertently  deleted some files? Can't access your files because of formatted, corrupted, or damaged hard drive?  Any Data Recovery, data recovery freeware, can help you. It can recover deleted, formatted, or lost documents, photos, videos, music and etc. from hard drive, USB flash drive, memory card, mobile phone, camera, external hard drive and so on.

How to Reclaim Lost Pen-Drive (USB) Disk Space

My blog reader experienced "lost disk space" on his 18 GB pen-drive while recording videos on MultiTV. He deleted every information on it  but still no space. What he had to format the device but the same problem persist so he emailed me  for solution. I gave him how to resolve it  and perfectly worked. I therefore, decided that I will share with you this trick on this blog since most of you may be experiencing same problem. 

Download Philipa Baafi's Latest Gospel Via SMS

Oh yes Technology is very good and power weapon. This ideology might be one and only first in Ghana. I stumble upon efficient way a popular Ghanaian gospel artist is advertising her song and I wish share with you so that you too can download the latest song on your phone offline.  She has collaborate with most telcos in Ghana so every telcos subscriber could just download the song through SMS (OFFLINE) . Philipa's Gospel song are hit by this every one can access it.

Download and Synchronization your Phone with PC

Mobogenie is an Android synchronization software and applications developer, it has been devoted to the development and release of high quality Android synchronization software and applications. The software allows the user to transfer files from your Android to your PC and from your PC to your Android. Backup your contacts, messages, apps, music, images, and videos and restore backed up data. Mobogenie's other Features are as below:-

A Free Program to Recover Lost or Deleted Data from your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

If you accidentally deleted contacts, photos and some other files from your iPhone and iPad? Frustrated that your iPhone is stolen or damaged and the needed files have gone forever? iOS upgrade wipes off all data from your iPhone? Don’t worry! You can free recover  or accidentally deleted or lost files such as photos, videos, contacts, SMS, call logs, memos and calendars,

Turn your Digital Photos Collection into Excellent Movies with Slideshow Creator

You are having friends pictures on your Smartphone or PC  and you do not know how to use it so you are about to delete it,   hey my friend stop.  Photo slideshows with music and transitions are an excellent medium to cherish memories of your loved ones and fun times, here is an excellent opportunity to grab free activation keys for Photo Slideshow Creator from AMS Software.

How to send large files over the internet with uTorrent

    If you've got a large file or a bunch of files you need to send to a friend or family member, it can often be a big headache. Email has a size limit , and uploading/downloading to and from a cloud storage service like Dropbox can take forever. On top of that, if you or your friend has a spotty connection, you'll have to restart the file transfer every time the connection drops.
Thankfully, I've simple solution for you  to send large files over the internet using uTorrent, which is available for both Windows and Mac. Torrents are a good way to send large files as they have the ability to pick up where they left off, comparing the data you've downloaded to the data that you have yet to download.

Free and Simple download manager for Windows-DownTango

Downloading windows online is some how cumbersome, therefore you need very sharp  download manager.A good multi-part download manager is the basic necessity for any PC user who downloads from internet,The new download manager DownTango is not only functional and efficient,also beautiful. DownTango is a free download manager for Windows offering best features of existing download management utilities with an easy to use, beautiful interface and support for features like CAPTCHA and remote/web-based download job management

Download Free Windows Device Driver Pack With Full Offline Database

Hardware device compatibility would be the topmost reason behind the success of Microsoft Windows operating     system, despite this Windows users have to struggle for correct device drivers for legacy hardware and devices from small vendors.I want to share with an  excellent free solutions to search, install and backup Windows device drivers DriverPack Solution supports driver search, installation and update for Windows XP / Vista / 7 (x86-x64).

Track Your Vehicle On Your PC With M1 Fleet

M1 Fleet is free software for PC allowing an easier, more secure and fun way of tracking your fleet, staff, family vehicles and loved ones. M1 Fleet is recommended if you are tracking several T22s at the same time. M1 Fleet is ideal for SME fleet daily management and for large fleet safety and security applications. TLD Landmarks gives you instant understanding of the vehicles' or staff location and makes Maps or Earth faster and easier to understand. You can let your staff track the vehicles at the office with M1 Fleet PC software and track the vehicles with M1 Move while you are on the road or in customer meetings.

Free Utility for Online Shoppers and Sellers to Track their Shipments To Final Destination

Do you usually make a lot of shopping online and  active Buyer or Seller on eBay? If yes,then, there is the need for you to keep the tracks of these many items. This tool is right for you! Track Checker. Track Checker is here for your rescue, with support for automated monitoring and tracking of shipments from more than 220+ postal and courier services world-over this is all you need to ease-upon the data overload.

Download CMOS De-Animator A Simple Tool to Reset Your PC BIOS Password

Resetting or recovering a forgotten BIOS/CMOS password can be very difficult nut to crack. As you are aware, it requires opening the case and sorting BIOS battery. If you are able to boot into Windows, free utility CMOS De-Animator lets you do this without going through the manual procedure using just a single button click from Windows.

Access Hulu Plus For Two Months Free of Charge

Hulu is well-known and popular website, the online video streaming service is so popular that users resort to how to watch video outsite USA. The premium offering of the service costs $7.99/month and allows users to enjoy unlimited content streaming with ability to migrate there viewing experience seamlessly across devices. A user can start watching on their phone, and continue watching on their TV or any other hulu streaming capable device.

Download PhoneTrans Pro-iOS device manager

 PhoneTrans Pro is upgrade version like Wi-Fi Transfer without iTunes, simultaneous management support for multiple iOS devices, ability to share files among multiple iOS devices, iTunes Library to iPhone feature and much more.iMobie is providing genuine, free activation key for PhoneTrans Pro worth "$29.99" each to all their blog readers. To grab your free-copy of of "PhoneTrans Pro" with all the amazing features mentioned below, simply visit the promo-link below.

Download Free New Realplayer to Play Your Music, Videos and Access Instant Facebook on PC

Real player is one of outstanding software everyone should get it .You can use to download and play music, videos, view photos and access instant Facebook.You can use this software to download videos from your favorite websites, organize your digital videos, music and photos into single application, watch video in private mode,import videos, music and photos from  mobile phone to your  PC  transfer your videos and MP3s to your mobile phone and listen to music, view videos in any major format

Download Free Full-version copy of WinX DVD Ripper For Windows and MAC

WinX DVD Ripper is without a doubt one of the most updated, feature rich and powerful DVD ripping utility for Windows and MAC. Regularly, updated with features to bypass latest DVD copy protections and support for multi-core processors the software delivers fast and accurate video conversions. The software is now available for FREE under a limited period giveaway offer for everyone, so go grab the utility and enjoy videos on your PC, MAC and mobile devices this summer.

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