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How to Apply and Pay for Passport and Birth Certificate with Mobile Money Online

Do you know you can apply and pay for passport,birth certificate, police report online in Ghana? The Ghana E-Payment Portal (GEPP) is an online platform for the payment of Government of Ghana (GoG) services by Ghanaian Citizens and all other individuals and/or corporate entities conducting business with GoG.  
 It is envisaged that this will shorten queues, encourage payment for government services, increase the public accessibility and eventually increase the volume of business between the government and citizens in Ghana. Below are agencies that support e-payment system

How to Access ADB Account on Phone Without Internet Access

Agricultural Development Bank, Ghana, has chopped another mile stone by introducing mobile banking without internet access on your phone. Isn't this good news that all customers of ADB can now access their account being saving or current although most banks in Ghana are having it, but it is better to be late than not going at all.In this post we discuss how you can register for this service with just a short code.Imagine transferring funds from your account to another on your phone ''hah'' how Convenient it is. With this services you can

Top USA and UK Based Survey to Make Money Online

In the face high unemployment rate in Ghana and world as a whole, I always thought it wise to share how we make some dollars online. In today's post we will discuss ways of generating some dollar from internet to cushion your finances.We will share with you top USA and UK based sites which can earn you about $10 in about 40 minutes.  Research companies are always recruiting new members to answer surveys and test new products. For a few minutes of form filling, you can make a couple of quid which is paid as cash or rewards. You just need  verified Paypal account  and VPN/ RDP services to start this business.

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