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How to Get Scholarship to Pursuit Secondary Education (SHS) in Ghana

Wow!! I must commend Pastor Mensah Otabil for unprecedented financial  assistance He and His Church '' ICGC'' offer to needy but brilliant students. ONE OF MY STUDENTS WAS BENEFICIARYCentral Aid, the human development-oriented nonprofit agency of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), invites applications for financial assistance from SHS 1 and SHS 2 students in pursuit of their secondary education in Ghana for the 2017/2018 academic year. Indeed, the bulk of scholarships awarded over the years has gone to students with no connection whatsoever with the International Central Gospel Church. Why don't you give it a try

Learn How to Calculate for Your Pension Benefits-SSNIT

Most of  workers in Ghana who contributes every month to SSNIT don't know how calculations are  done  before on  going on retirement. In this master piece we will discuss what goes into the calculations of SSNIT benefits before you are due for compulsory or voluntary retirement. To qualify for a full pension under national pension act 766

Learn How National Pension Act Distributes A Three-Tier Pension Scheme

SSNIT PENSIONS is a basic pension plan for all Civil and Public Servants, Employees in Private Sector, Professionals,Traders, Artisans, Farmers and also the self employed. The National Pension Act 766 has introduced a three-tier pension scheme comprising

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