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How to Withdraw Funds from Limited PayPal Account

There is no doubt that getting a verified PayPal account and withdrawing funds through mobile money wallet or ATM in Ghana is very easy. In fact, if PayPal realize that your account receive and send more funds than the policy stated within one calendar month you are likely to go against their policies, and PayPal will set a bot to monitor your account's activities/transactions and when invalid activities is noticed your account is placed on temporary limitation or limitation. In view of this, you are required to send your ID documents for verification and identification so your account is restored. What if you don't have those documents?

How to Earn 12% Interest on MTN Mobile Money Investment

MTN Ghana in collaboration with Fidelity Bank has introduced yet another innovation that allows customers to save money directly from their MTN mobile wallets into a Fidelity account.The innovative product dubbed "MTN Yello Save" comes as a feature in MTN Mobile Money App in Google Play Store, which could be downloaded on the customer's phone and used to select a bank and create an account into which one could transfer money from his or her mobile wallet for savings.

How to create Customised Emails with your Domain Name

I've seen many Startup’s such as bloggers, technology companies often use public domain email addresses, such as those offered for free by Gmail/Yahoo mail. If you are a domain owner, it is a good idea to use customized Email address like,, as it doesn't only shows  how professional you are, it also makes your email more serious and authentic. There are many web-services that you can use to create a domain-based email address, In this post, we will learn how to create Email ID for your domain using Zoho Mail

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