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How to Access Quick Loan from MTN without Guarantor

Do you the last time you were not having pesewa in your pocket to fend for yourself or family? What was going through you mind, I think a lot of  thought came and you settled on one. Wow your thought was the best at that time. Is it not true that you called a friend or walked to a friend for financial assistance. Aren't true that your friend couldn't helped you?  Well, in this post I will share with you how to access loan in the comfort of your home without guarantors. MTN has introduced loan scheme  called "QWIKLOAN" which offers loan with lowest interest in Ghanaian market. Below is the steps to follow to access the loan.

Unique Ways to Start Mega Importation with Small Amount

What you are about to read will change your financial life forever such that your neighbor will begin to wonder how things have turn around for you and start asking how it is done This is just to tell you the kind of money the business I want to reveal to you would fetch you in a month.

Unique Ways to Send Mobile Money from One Network to Another in Ghana

If you don't embrace modern technology then you are million's far away from the world. Telecommunication companies in Ghana have done it again by introducing " Mobile Money Interoperability" into mobile money platform. MMI is a service which allows direct and seamless transfer of funds from one mobile money wallet to another across all networks.

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