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Great Business Ideas to Make a Living in this economic Hardship

Times are hard for the world especially those in Ghana, this calls for every mind to think outside the box ( not normal thinking). Ghana needs citizens who provide solutions to societal problems not certificate holders seeking for non-existing jobs. In fact, our current educational system equip those us with two skills: skill of speaking and writing of colonial master's language, which currently doesn't pay than former. Ghana currently needs entrepreneur like Mr,  Obeng Darko, Kennedy Agyapong and the likes to think for the citizenry and teach us entrepreneurial skills. Some of us have gone through this meal and have acquired the technical-know how. In this master piece I want share with you simple but

UK Universities that Admit third Class or HND Graduates for Postgraduate Programs

Are you interested undertaking your postgraduate degree abroad but graduated with 3rd class? If yes, fear not. In fact, in our part of the world university graduates with third class honor have limited chance of pursuing further courses at higher learning institutions.  it’s vital to inform you that graduating with a third class in your undergraduate degree is not the end of your academic careerIt's a known secret that 3rd class graduates are very people who employ first class and end up becoming political leaders/politicians. 

 While most Universities in UK are of quality standard, there is still a chance for third class or HND certificate holders to undertake their Master’s program there. There are universities in UK that offers lucrative and month-watering courses for third class and HND graduates. Below are compelled list of universities in UK

Nine Powerful Websites to Search for Visa Sponsorship Jobs in the UK

Do you have the intent of travelling outside the country, especially to United Kingdom, UK, with secure employment and sponsor Visa? If yes don’t worry. You do not have to be a British citizen to work in the UK. If you have the right skill-set that employers are looking for and meet the immigration requirements, you can land your dream job in UK. UK Visa Jobs is a job search platform dedicated to people from all walks of life who need visa sponsorship/work permits to start their career in the UK.

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