List of Cheapest Data and Call Plans from Vodafone- The Red Vodafone Plan

Wow priceless!!! Vodafone Ghana has launched four new tariff plans dubbed Red Life Weekly, Red Rush, Red Hot and Red Classic to give various categories of customers value for money.
All four come in the form of limited bundles, which include specific amounts of on-net, off-net and international call voice minutes, SMSs, and data package.

How to Turn Problems of Today into Money Making Venture-Think Outside The Box

“If you don’t build your dream then someone will hire you to help build theirs” – Tony Gaskins.We live in a world where the ‘job for life’ no longer exists and where people in employment today may well have to change careers several times in their working lives. Thanks to the Internet jobs like travel agent, postal worker and retail cashier, amongst others, are fast approaching their sell-by date.At the same time, as people live longer and have more leisure time then there is a need for more entrepreneurial thinking in life outside of the workplace. This post is about how to successfully release that creative spirit in all walks of our life. 

List of Original/Genuine Strong Decoders

Not quite long ago I wrote an article about how to report and determine the originality of strong decoders, 
many friends are calling for the names original/ genuine of strong products. In fact it was very herculean task but I manage to get it done for you. I want to share the receiver's serial number and codes.

How to Install Software of Strong Decoders to Watch TV3- Step-by-Step

I have been receiving email from my blog readers -how they would watch scrumble TV3 channels on multiTV/Strong decoders. I must say that TV3 is one of the most watched and popular channels on multiTV. I have decided to share with you step by step how you will install the downloaded software and necessary codes you will enter after installation. 

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