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Mr. Newton the Lotto Number Scammer - He must be Arrested

Risk taking is part of life processes and to be good businessman/woman risk taken is part. One of my blog's subscribers took this huge risk which landed him in the hand of Lotto Scammer called himself Mr Newton. In this post, I will share with you how this lotto scammer operates to lure unsuspected victim.

How to Become Entrepreneur through AgricTech Challenge with Seed Funding

"Don't complain of  being unemployed, if you have common sense to solve common problems in our societies" that was a quote from Mr. Siaw, a facilitator of  online training program I attended. In this masterpiece I will share with you how to become entrepreneur in Agric sector through AgricTech Challenge. This doesn't necessarily mean you are going to cultivate crops or rear animals, but you are helped to identify problems and provide solutions.

How to Identify Who Transfer Money from your MTN Mobile Money Wallet to Another Ilegally

I received complains from MTN MoMo customers concerning illegal transfer of money from owner's account to another account. It is very common among customers who usually give their PIN to others to withdraw funds. In fact, I will share with you this master piece how to identify transaction ID, Name and phone number of the one who did the transaction. Stay cool and read .

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