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How to Upgrade Windows 7/8 to Windows 10.1 for Free

If you are using windows 7/8 you might have received the upgrading notification to windows 10 on your laptop/desktop. If you have not receive it don't worry, you can upgrade it provided you using genuine windows free of  charge.Yes, it is 100% free to upgrade  to Windows 10 if you have original windows 7 and windows 8 operating system installed.  In this process, you will learn to upgrade your existing OS without waiting for the notification from Microsoft.

How to Report and Determine the Originality of Strong Decoders

I must commend MultiTV and Strong technologies for introducing free radios and TV channels into homes of those of us who can't afford DSTV. Just recently I made a post about fake SRT 4960 strong decoder. I am going to share  with you, how you could determine and report to strong technologies fake strong decoder for action to be taken.

How to Open US Bank Account and Fund it in Ghana

Wow, with power of technology you can do everything within a twinkle of an eye. I must be thankful to the person(s) who first introduced it into the world. I can now sit in the comfort of my room to do online shopping with less stress and cost. In this post we discuss how can open  bank account from USA  right here in Ghana and fund it.It very easy steps and tricks. When you sign up  you are given master for withdrawals and funding. It is easy to fund in Ghana

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