How to Use Visa or Master Card to Pay for WAEC Services-Resgistration

Yes, I must commend WAEC Ghana for introducing online E-payment platform which seek to eliminate queuing at various centers for registration or other services. You can sit right in the comfort of your home to enjoy almost all the services that WAEC offers to general public. This portal accepts VISA and MASTER  CARD payment request from the different WAEC Ghana services. You can make payment for the following services:

Learn How To Do your Business Like Jesus Christ

Don't get me wrong just reading the title of the article!!! I am not sounding so religious here but  I want to share with you how discipline you could be in your business all times. Take your time and read through this post-Your comment is needed

Look at Original products with Mouth-watering Prices

I have been preaching about starting up your own business with little amount most especially 101 Cheap importation. Time has come for me to share with you the mouth watering price of my imported goods/products. These products are in hot demand on Ghanaian market, don't shout to awake your neighbor up. All these products are duty and shipping free. Below are images of some imported goods with their Dollar and Cedis prices.

How to Access and fill -Out Colleges of Education Online Application Form

Most of us who want training from Colleges of Education in Ghana find it difficult to complete online application form correctly. In the light of this, you are charged GHS 10 for such processes which will cost you less than GHS 5. In this post, I will share with you how to fill –out this application form yourself.

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