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How to Receive Remittance in your Mobile Money Wallet in Ghana

Gone are the days we have to queue at bank for many hours just to receive remittance( money transfer from abroad) from friends/families for house up keep. Thanks to technology you can sit in the comfort of your room and receive to remittance on your mobile money wallet and withdraw the funds from Mobile Money agent in front of your house. Isn't that a good story ?

How to Get USA and UK SIM Card to Make and Receive International Calls in Ghana

Hi reader, do you know Americans,Europeans and other Asian countries are the highest spenders on the internet and they prefer doing business with those who resides in USA,UK and other Asian countries. If you want to do any meaningful business online it’s better to have a USA,UK and other countries phone numbers so you can connect with people all over the world. When you use your local phone number from Ghana to perform business online most people all over the world will not take you serious because of high online crime rate in Ghana.

How to Be Part of Electoral Commission'sTemporary Staff in December 7 Elections

Upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections require each and everyone hands on board so that our motherland Ghana will achieve its success in these elections once again.It is up to us to contribute our quota to help electoral commission to organize successful elections for us. In view of this, Electoral Commission is recruiting temporary staff for following positions, Returning Officers (RO), Deputy Returning Officers (RO), Presiding Officers (PO) and any other positions for upcoming November 7 elections. In fact Ghana needs people like to occupy those positions but if you are politician don't apply .

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