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How to Use Common Sense to Create Permanent Employment for your House Hold and Future Generations

The payroll of Ghana is full, this statement came from finance Ministry, Which means Government of Ghana will no longer employ more workers henceforth. Therefore parents are advice to create family businesses. In olden days, one of the aims of formal education or going to school is to get gainful employment from Government institutions. In our modern days, the table has turned so many nations have tuned their educational to meet the needs of our days. Unfortunate for us,  here in Ghana educational system continues to prepare us only to be employed by someone/Government institutions. In this masterpiece, I will walking you through Common Sense Business Creating Opportunities

How to Earn Whooping $1400 Every Month from Snails Rearing Business

Imaging  yourself earning as huge as $1400 every month after investing small  amount of money for few months - not get rich overnight. I want to  introduce you to a lucrative business to leverage on, as  more and more people are picking interest in healthier living, snails fill in perfectly as a nutritional favorite in many homes. For this reason, Snails rearing is a good business that has highly demanding product and consumers. 

How to Bundle Home huge Gigabits for GHS 1 or Less

Multi Telecommunication Network, MTN-Ghana has bundle that gives subscribers huge gigabits for less, the only difficulty is that you are restricted to only social media-only WhatsApp downloads. 
In this masterpiece, I will be sharing with you tweak to remove limitation to only WhatsApp downloads

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