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Best Tools to Download Videos from Popular Sites

 I was on Facebook looking for trending info to read. I suddenly stumble upon very nice video and decided to download. I try to look for download link but no avail. This got me thinking so I jump unto google to surf for tool to download this video on Facebook. I came across different apps. I decided to share with you best tools to download videos on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Voot, 9anime and many others

List of Educational Sites to Browse and Download Resources for FREE

Telecommunication companies in Ghana have zero rated some sites that house educational contents.This means all content and resources on the website can be browsed and downloaded at no cost. This is  to help students continue to study using online resources .These websites have a daily cap of 500MB. Below are the list.

Best Top Ways to Control Video your Kids Watch on YouTube Remotely

Due to COVID-19 pandemic must of learners spend much time surfing the internet for studies material through YouTube.The good videos contents uploaded on YouTube help children with their studies whereas the inexpedient content threatens their innocence. The immense and intriguing content available on YouTube lures the child and soon they become addicted to it. There are all sorts of videos available on YouTube ranging from kindergarten rhymes to violent and depressing content.

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