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Short Code to Check your Name and Polling Station on Phone

Electoral Commission of Ghana has been able to move a bit higher on technological ladder, thus a part at back of EC. EC has made it a bit easy and convenient for Ghanaian voter to Check his/ her name and polling centre but correction cannot be made via Mobile phone.It will be better to know where your polling station is on your phone.

How to Track your Smart Phone with MTN Protect App

MTN Ghana has introduce another exciting service called MTN Protect Apps, designed to protect your device and its content even in the event that your device is stolen or misplaced. MTN Protect is a smartphone protection application. It allows you to manage your device once its lost or stolen.It works even without internet connection and if your SIM card has been changed.

How to Check Deleted Names of NHIS Registrants on Voters’ Register Online- Machecki App

Machecki is an identification management and verification system designed by a team of young Ghanaians. The idea was first developed as part of a competition organised by Making All Voices Count. Macheki won the competition; organised in May 2015; for its work at helping to increase citizen participation in elections. Machecki makes it super easy to check if your name is part of the 56k NHIS Card Holders on Ghana's Voters' Register.Below is steps by step by

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