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Perfect Way to Buy your Dream Products Now and Pay Later - GCB Bank

Wow, this deserve a part at back, traditional banks in Ghana are introducing innovative products to lure new customers and sustain existing ones. GCB bank has introduced scheme dabbed '' Buy Now , Pay Later" The GCB Easy Pick is Scheme that allows GCB Bank customers to purchase products from GCB partner shops and pay for the products in installments. The products can be purchased from a wide variety of GCB Bank partnered vendors across the nation.

How to Get USA and UK SIM Card to Make and Receive International Calls in Ghana

Hi reader, do you know Americans,Europeans and other Asian countries are the highest spenders on the internet and they prefer doing business with those who resides in USA,UK and other Asian countries. If you want to do any meaningful business online it’s better to have a USA,UK and other countries phone numbers so you can connect with people all over the world. When you use your local phone number from Ghana to perform business online most people all over the world will not take you serious because of high online crime rate in Ghana.

How to Make Free Calls from MTN to other subscribers

Making calls now a days is very expensive because all communication networks have realize that most of their clients are consuming more data on chatting platforms. As a business minded person like you don't solely depend on chatting platforms to convince your clients, you do more of phone  calling to make the deal. I was exploring MTN mashup and I noticed that you can talk on phone 24 hours without deducting a pessewa from your airtime every Monday( 12:am to 11:59 pm). In this post I decided to share with you how you can make free calls on every Monday as MTN subscribers .

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