How and When to Register for Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) for private candidates

West Africa Examination council wishes to announces the following guidelines for the conduct of the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) for private candidates for the attention of prospective candidates and general public.Below is the guideline

Interest Rates of Banks in Ghana

In this economic crunch in Ghana, starting up business is very difficult. In most case you will go in for financial support from financial institutions in Ghana. Since the free fall of our new Ghana cedis the base rates of banks keeping on changing. I has been able to secure base rates of various banks in Ghana.You wont believe it these banks are in Ghana but some have high rate why? Below is the base rate of banks in Ghana. 

How to Get Your Standard/Secure check After Google Adsense has Upgraded it's Payment System

A few days after your account is upgraded, you’ll see a line item in your Transaction history for a “Service Adjustment." The “Service Adjustment" line item reflects your AdSense balance at the time your account was upgraded. Your “Service Adjustment" total will be added to your balance and paid out per the normal payment cycle.Google adsense have made some changes to improve our payments system, Here's a summary of the required actions, changes and added benefits of the new payments processes:Make sure to review important form of payment and currency updates to help you resolve any questions about your new payment experience.

How to Reclaim Lost Pen-Drive (USB) Disk Space

My blog reader experienced "lost disk space" on his 18 GB pen-drive while recording videos on MultiTV. He deleted every information on it  but still no space. What he had to format the device but the same problem persist so he emailed me  for solution. I gave him how to resolve it  and perfectly worked. I therefore, decided that I will share with you this trick on this blog since most of you may be experiencing same problem.