How Start a Blog on Best blogging websites

Do you have thoughts/ideas on a  particular subject that you love and you want to share with the whole world or are you thinking of starting a blog to promote your business or profession.The best place to share and earn money is just blogger(blogging).  Blogging is either free or inexpensive, and you can get started in moments by creating a blog on blogging platform such as Blogger or WordPress.

How to Contact Google AdSense Sales Representative for Approval

In fact every blogger or publisher aim is to have some affiliate ads around his/her content especially Google AdSense Ads. Getting  approval has not been easy now a days as compare to days of it's establishment. 
If you've not gotten the approval yet. I have find ways of contacting google adsense sales representative for approval. You will be able to send them email and the sales reps will contact you on phone. You can them to tell you specific problem with your site.Below is the form and link

Undergraduate Scholarships for students

If you are thinking of getting bachelor degree from recognized university(online) pasadena,USA free of charge then worries no more.The University is the world's first non-profit, tuition- free, accredited online university dedicated to opening the gates to higher education for all individuals otherwise constrained. The University embraces the worldwide presence of the Internet and dropping technology costs to bring tuition-free undergraduate degree programs to qualified high school graduates around the world

Central Aid Scholarship Makes Needy Students Feel Heaven on Earth

Never knew there are genuine and corrupt free institution in Ghana.
I must commend Rev.Dr Mensah Otabil and his congregation for making Christianity part and parcel of individual life not spirituality alone.
 April  24, 2014 I made a publication about Central Aid Scholarship  for academic year 2014/2015  which is instituted by International Central Gospel Church. The church provide financial support for students in SHS and JHS.