Ways of Making Money Online from Home for Free (UK and Australia )

Imagine yourself entering data, designing website for clients,coding or programing web,  software package development, body support, writing, translator, client service, sale, marketing  or hiring workers for companies and individuals in USA, Australia, Europe, and even world over at comfomt of your home.What kind of cash accumulation would that be, I think the best place to save your money is the world bank and start supporting  most African countries. You might have heard the advert running on our air waves about training on data entery company at very high rate - yes those companies are real and live. I want to share with you some sites where you can do the data entry and even hire workers for companies for pay @  $50 or more.

A Tour to Four Regions in Ghana and Burkina Faso at GHC 205

If the mountains failed go to Prophet, the Prophet must go to the mountains, likewise the Teacher's mother association-Ghana national Association of Teachers(GNAT). If the GNAT-national can't orgainise any social activities for it's members the district secretariats are orgainsing their social activites at district levels. Asante Akim south-Juaso in collaboration with Assnte Akim north-Konongo is orgainsing 3-day educational tirp to FOUR regions in Ghana and one site in Burkina Faso-Dakola.

How to Manually Change Network Setting from Edge to 3G on your Phone

After the publication about how to change network setting from edge  to 3G,3.5G and 3.7G on the modem. This blog reader called to find out how he could change the network on the phone rmanually/automatically. Having the 3G on your phone ensre that you achieve high internet speed. Imagine having data of 200 kbit/s what you can't you do online. 

How to Resize your Photo to Meet Requirement for USA DV-Lottery

Just recently I published let register for USA 2016  diversity visa program. Every year you register but you don't win so you don't want to waste your time registering again. I wouldn't begrudge you not to register again but I want share with you one assured way you can win. Mind you I'm not worker in the ambassey. A client of mine used the steps and won. Picture resizing is one of  the requirements and failing to meet it you wouldn't be selected.

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