How to use GTbank Short Code to Check Bank Account Balance and Top-Up Airtime on Phones

Guaranty Trust Bank Limited has once again proven its superiority in the area of electronic banking and product innovation by introducing another convenient e-banking channel known as ‘GTMobile’, with the aim of enabling customers enjoy further  flexibility in banking from the comfort of their homes, offices or on the move across the country or abroad with a roaming service.

Ghanaian Banks that it's Visa Card accepted for international transaction

Online business is one way of  earning extra money right from the comfort of your home. In fact you can earn hundred folds profits.Before you can start this business you need VISA or MASTER card  from credible banks in Ghana. This is post am going share with you individual banks in Ghana who's visa or master cards can be used to transact online business. You can walk into the bank personally or apply online

How to Get free economy Plane ticket from KLM to any Country

Are you travelling this summer for summer school? KLM has proudly introduces super summer school deals Fly KLM FREE! In this offer students get great discounts on their tickets in this summer. With this promo you wouldn't pay a penny for plane ticket to any destination of your choiceCelebrate these great offers with KLM and enjoy even greater opportunities

The Highest Bank Base Rate in Ghana

In fact nothing seems working in Ghana, all laws are being flouted by the people who called themselves big men and women. For instance,  Bank of Ghana cannot regulate these banks that have high interest rate on loan but rather chasing those micro-finance (DKM) that is making life easy for their customers in terms of interest rate on deposits.  As at time of publishing this article ADB has the highest interest rate on loan. I want Bank of Ghana to act now. Below is base rate of banks in Ghana

Professinonal Ways of Finding Out Genuine Websites

While online opportunity/business grows dramatically , more and more websites often offer mouth-watering profitable service in  which – in that information – could somehow expose user into thinking it is real. However, in the reality it was never real in the first place.It is bogus and scam.The waste of time and effort could not get back. In this post I will share with you how to authenticate genuinity  of these bogus QUICK MONEY MAKING WEBSITES before you waste your time, energy and money.

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