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How to Use Common Sense to Create Permanent Employment for your House Hold and Future Generations

The payroll of Ghana is full, this statement came from finance Ministry, Which means Government of Ghana will no longer employ more workers henceforth. Therefore parents are advice to create family businesses. In olden days, one of the aims of formal education or going to school is to get gainful employment from Government institutions. In our modern days, the table has turned so many nations have tuned their educational to meet the needs of our days. Unfortunate for us,  here in Ghana educational system continues to prepare us only to be employed by someone/Government institutions. In this masterpiece, I will walking you through Common Sense Business Creating Opportunities

How to Make and Receive Payment via Master Card , Mobile Money and Visa Card through Myghpay

In fact, I must commend some Banks in Ghana for responding to customer interest now days. As most of App developers and startups are providing payment services, most banks in Ghana are developing interest in building similar services . The latest payment platform developed by GT Bank is  myghpay. 

Perfect Car Diagnostic Tool/Scanner to Detect Faulty Parts of your Vehicles

Management of  always tries to find solutions to our daily problems. We have collaborated with management of KUTUBELLA ENTERPRISE ( subsidiary of  an offline company has imported Car Diagnostic Tool/scanner which is used to detect fault in a car. Now a days, most of the imported cars are "electronics" which means that all cars manufactured since 1996 to date are coded. This require specialized tool and technician to identify, analyse and diagnose the fault.

Perfect Way to Buy your Dream Products Now and Pay Later - GCB Bank

Wow, this deserve a part at back, traditional banks in Ghana are introducing innovative products to lure new customers and sustain existing ones. GCB bank has introduced scheme dabbed '' Buy Now , Pay Later" The GCB Easy Pick is Scheme that allows GCB Bank customers to purchase products from GCB partner shops and pay for the products in installments. The products can be purchased from a wide variety of GCB Bank partnered vendors across the nation.

Online Marketplace to Buys and Sells Domain Name or Website

If you are web designer or you have websites for sale and looking for online marketplace to sell them, worry no more , There is online marketplace where you can buy and sell  your websites. You can sell both websites and domains. On this site,once you have listed your item, the auction will be open for everyone, you will start receiving bids and communicate with the bidders through the messaging board.

Get Professional JobTraining on Repair of Smart Phones and Laptop computers (KPOLY)

The Kumasi Polytechnic in collaboration with BS Africa Limited and Expert Institute of Advance Technology (PVT) Limited of India is providing three months, under the Kumasi Polytechnic Institute of Technology (KPIT) job-oriented skills based professional training to equip the youth to create their own jobs.A complete set of the admission form cost GHC 50.00 only.

Interest Rates of Banks in Ghana

In this economic crunch in Ghana, starting up business is very difficult. In most case you will go in for financial support from financial institutions in Ghana. Since the free fall of our new Ghana cedis the base rates of banks keeping on changing. I has been able to secure base rates of various banks in Ghana.You wont believe it these banks are in Ghana but some have high rate why? Below is the base rate of banks in Ghana. 

Business Plan Writing Tips For businessmen/women

A simple dictionary definition of a plan is a set of intended actions, usually mutually related, through which one expects to achieve a goal.

According to Wikipedia,  a business plan is  ‘a formal statement of a set of business goals , the reasons they are believed attainable, and the plan for reaching  those goals, It may also contain background information about the organization or team attempting to reach those goals.”

Get Two Year Australian Renewable Working permit at very Low Price

After the down melt of economy in Europe and America last year, Ghana is now experiencing the down turn. Of which youth of our country Ghana crestined it BOYS ABERE,  GIRLS KASA meaning boys are tired of poverty and girls talk a lot.As result of down melt many youth has planed to travel to Europe and  America for greener pasture.Due that many people have turn themselves into Visa contractors or consultants defrauding unsuspected client.Thank to God I have established connection with renounced team who will facilitate all your document processing without hindrance being it passport,visa and others.

How to Send Money from Outside Ghana into your Bank Account----Stanbic Bank Ghana

Stanbic Bank Ghana now offers a suite of banking products to cater for Ghanaians living and working abroad. Given  150-year history, Stanbic understands that as a member of the Ghanaian diaspora, your banking needs are different from most. That’s why Stanbic offer you a full set of products that allow you to send money quickly back home to relatives, manage your money in Ghana, save to build a new home or for your children’s education, amongst other things. Stanbic's transactional product solution can be held in Ghanaian Cedis, USD, EUR, GBP and ZAR. Their savings products are available in Ghaianan Cedis.

How you can Withdraw Money from 17 ATMs with your ATM Card in Ghana---Gh-Link'

The Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement System (GhIPSS) HAS launched the ‘gh-link’, an interbank switching and processing system that would enable Ghanaian banks to share each other’s Automated Teller Machines (ATM).Customers of 17 banks in the country can now use their local ATM card to access their account or make withdrawals from the ATMs from any of the banks.

Ways of Finding A Secured Job/Career is a career resource center that will assist you in making the right career decisions. Assistance is provided with career tests, advice and resource. careerPath® offers scientifically proven and reliable career tests to help you on your unique career path. The variety of career tests offered provide you with a customized tool. Read more about how to get approved Google AdSense Account in 2 Hours

Win US$25, 000 a Year for 3 Years From Tigo and Reach for Change

 Do you have an Idea that will change the lives of Ghanaian children? Tigo communication network is out with product that sort to take care of less privileged in our Ghanaian society. Tigo Ghana is looking people who will think outside the box and provide idea to improve the lives of chikldre titled  "Reach for Change"  In a perfect world, a child's only worry should be whether to play before or after lunch. But you know there are children who have less than some of us did when we were growing up. Thanks to Tigo and Reach for Change, if you have a great idea that can make life easier for deprived children.Then you who provide the idea could win US$25, 000 a year for 3 years plus mentorship.

Get Huawei Ascend Y210 Handset from MTN Outlets Nationwide

MTN Ghana, in partnership with international ICT solutions provider, Huawei have launched the Ascend Y210, an affordable handset that offers a real smartphone experience to customers. The new Huawei Ascend Y210 is aimed at driving data usage among Ghanaians to increase business productivity and make social networking on the phone more exciting.
Unveiling the Ascend Y210, Mr. Michael Ikpoki, CEO of MTN said, “MTN considers it our responsibility to ensure we explore innovative technological solutions that enable Ghanaians to boldly enter the digital world with solutions that meet their communications needs.” He further stated that as the leading mobile data provider in Ghana, MTN provides data services with huge benefits in terms of affordable internet rates and user experience to subscribers.

Free Online Marketplace for Local Seller and Buyers in Ghana

Seller without buyer is like farmer going to farm without cutlass.Now a days selling in stores only cannot supply you with the needed customers.You need online platformS to do the magic for since consumers in different locations can patronize your product.Well there are so many free online marketplace that very seller can take advantage of. I want to share with you the links to these websites

How to Purchase Goods and Services from Genuine Owners on Google Trader

 Google Trader is an online platform where local goods and services are sold to customers and advertiser pay nothing  in Ghana. Advertisers like does advertisement on this platform at no cost. I quite remember I post Toyota corolla advert there within thirty minutes got fifty calls from surfers who want to purchase the car.
Unfortunately most advertisers are now defrauders who pretend to provides goods and services on this reputable platform, take money refuse to deliver the goods. I was told unsuspected customer  bought car and the seller told him told deposit some huge amount in the seller's bank account and he did so but the seller never honor the car to the buyer. I want share with you how you to buy on Google trader and have the goods delivered to you with ease.

Advertise Free of Charge on and

Most often we see ad on Europeans and  Americans website providing platform advertisers to market their products online. Most of them are paid ads websites such as Google AdSense, Facebook etc you must pay money for you advert to be online. What about those of us who don't have money to pay or have the money but don't know how to pay for since most require the use of credit card. I was combing through Facebook and fortunately,stumble upon a website in Ghana that allow to post ads as many as you can for  free. Ranging  from used cars to mobile phones and computers.

Take Advantage of Free Advertisement Platform to Make Your Goods Known All Over the World

  Advertising is best way companies and sale executives can reach customers with their goods and services. is website platform where advertisers can reach their numerous customers on the internet. Internet advertisement is best tool because advertisers can reach customers outside their native country.For example car deals in Ghana can now advertise on  if want sell your imported cars here is best platform for business, if you were to advertise in your garage alone you would not reach more customer than does.Below is advertiser who sells used car in Ghana.This used car advertiser lives in Asante Konongo his cars are of good quality and cheapest used caryou ever get in Ghana.

Come Start Huge Car Business Investment In Ghana with Small Capital

 Many companies would want to expand their area of operation with the view of  earning huge profit. They always look for products that are best selling internationally and locally. If you operate within or outside Ghana there is a new business in town which is not capital intensive. With small capital you can start huge investment and less tax regime. Below is detail description of the new business I talked about.

Get Future Scheduler for Salespeople That Track Your Daily Activities

As businessman or salesperson you need to have software that track your daily activities on your phone.I chanted upon a software that my blog reader(DAVID) recommended for me to use and I decided to share with you my blog readers .PipelinePro is the only daily planner and sales tracker that prompts you after your appointment to enter the RESULT of that sales appointment - that makes PipelinePro the best scheduling system for Salespeople on the market!

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