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New Short Code for GNAT Members to Access Mutual Fund Information on Phone

In fact, I must commend teachers who have been visiting this site for update on their association-GNAT. The manager of is more or less  doing PR work for mutual fund managers after he wrote a post about perfect way to submit anomalies on your payslip to controller and accountant general epartment-CAGD . 

Most of the members have been calling our office to find out how they could get New code to access info about teacher mutual Fund . My humble appeal is that if the IT guys are not up
and doing, please  management  sack them and employ teachers who are IT gurus and can equally do the work excellently. Currently, the short code which was given to members to access info about teachers mutual fund is not working but no information to that effect. Fortunately, we have been able get the new Code to access any information about teacers mutual fund. Stay tuned!!! 
       How Do I Check My Fund ID

==> Type the code *888#
==> Select option 1 to check your ID
==> Finally, your Fund ID will display

  How Do I Check My Current Contribution

==>Enter the *888#
==>Choose option 2 to check your current contribution
==>Finally, your current contribution will display


How Do I Increase My Contribution

==>Enter the *888#
==>Choose option 4 to increase contribution
==> Enter the amount you want to contribute
==> Choose option 1 to confirm or 2 cancel

  How Do I Request for Annual Statement of My Contribution

==>Enter the *888#
==>Choose option 4 to request for annual statement of your contribution
==>Enter your email
==>Acknowledgement of  receipt message will will be sent to your phone.
==> Finally, download the statement from your email address

Contact your district GNAT secretary for your pass code, if didn't get the message containing the pass code.

Don't hesitate to contact this line for details 0246456667
What's app 0557 26 20 20
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