Use your Mobile Number to Calculate your Age--How Fresh Deals Alert

Use your Mobile Number to Calculate your Age--How

Woah! I cannot sit on this month wetting idea, I must share  with colleagues.  I was in staff common room when a colleague approach me that he had discover a new way of telling one's age. I quickly asked him  to teach me so I can also share with the world and he did so. I was shocked when he taught me how one could use the last digit of his/her mobile phone number to calculate his/her age. Age! oh yes you hear me right. He started
                                                         How Is It Calculated
1. Pick last digit of your mobile phone number ( eg 0246666666)
2. Multiply  that number by two(2). eg ( 6X2)
3. Add five (5) to your answer. (eg from step2 =12 + 5)
4. Multiply the answer by fifty(50). eg (17X50)
5. Add 1764 to the answer you got from step4. eg ( 850+1764)
6. Substrate your date of birth from the answer. (eg. 2614 - 1990 = 624)
7. The first digit of the answer is the phone number and  last Two digits is the AGE ( eg from step6, 624). Interpretation 6 is last digit of phone number and 24 is the age

Hey don't wait give it a try.
Mind you be truthful to yourself when choosing the your last  phone  number digit.
Woah! aaba! isn't this worth sharing with freinds

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