List of Hardened and Notorious Scammers Operating in Ghana The latest in technology news and trends

List of Hardened and Notorious Scammers Operating in Ghana

In Ghana, mobile money is a popular and convenient way to conduct transactions. However, scammers are well aware of this, and they use fake online marketplaces to target mobile money users. Money scams are unfortunately a growing problem in Ghana, causing financial hardship and emotional distress to victims. Here's how they exploit this system. The Bait and the Switch; scammers create fraudulent websites or social media accounts and advertise attractive products at unbelievably low prices.

These prices are designed to lure in victims seeking a steal. The scammer will typically provide their mobile money number or a QR code for the "transaction. Once the victim sends the mobile money, communication abruptly ceases. The scammer disappears with the money, and the promised product never arrives.

Below are names and phone numbers of hardened scammer ruining in Ghana for now. The research had it that these hardened scammers are operating within Accra and it environs . In fact, the name and phones have been sent to every embassy and consular in Ghana to deny them visas if they decide to travel outside.

==> Patricia Addo +233 536560137, Although this registered sim bear woman's name, but it is being used by man . He called the victim and introduced the products to victim on what's app group. He discussed transaction detail and ask you send to group administrator being escrow.

==> This +233 204582379 is subscriber Sim which bear the name Humu Alhassan, who claimed to be escrow. He will provide the phone number to send the money. He will acknowledge the receipt of the payment and scammer disappears with the money, and the promised product never arrives.

==>This +233 598953530 is merchant Sim which bear the name SELDEE ENTERPRISE. The owner's registered name is Dennis Akpakpo Allotey.   In-depth research reviewed that Dennis Akpakpo Allotey has multiple accounts on very accounts all social media and those accounts are used perpetuate these scams . This scammers are behind what's app group called Global Market Trading

No one should entertain any transaction above scammers

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